Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #4

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Skull Island: The Birth of Kong
Issue #3
Issue #4
"Over the Rainbow"
Issue #4 cover
Written by Arvid Nelson
Art by Zid
Cover by Drew Johnson
Colors by Zid, Kinsun Loh;
Jeremy Colwell (cover)
Letters by John Roshell
Edits by Robert Napton
Legendary Comics
Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

"Over the Rainbow" is the fourth and final issue of Skull Island: The Birth of Kong. It was released on November 21, 2017.


When disaster strikes on Skull Island, Monarch find themselves on what might be a one-way mission. While Kong battles for his Kingdom, our heroes must find a way to bring the truth to the world. As the thrilling series concludes, dramatic revelations point to the future of the MonsterVerse!


Riccio continues to hold Aaron Brooks and the others at gunpoint after killing Evelyn. He tells Medov he was wrong when he called Skull Island "Hell," claiming it is actually "Eden" and the "cradle of Paradise." He continues by saying all creatures must leave the womb eventually, even Kong himmself, and that now is their time. He says that while it is clear Kong is a god, it remains to be seen whether he is a merciful or wrathful one. For that reason, Riccio states, the barriers between man and Kong must be brought down so they can all commune with him, and the wall around the Iwi village must fall. Ato interjects that if the wall falls, the "devils" of the island will come, but Riccio responds by striking him across the face with his pistol. Riccio ridicules Ato, saying the one thing the Iwi are good at is keeping their mouths shut, and suggests that the boy do the same. Riccio, clearly disturbed at this point, announces that he is not doing this to be cruel, but to understand Kong's intentions. Does Kong fight out of mere vengeance, or does he feel mankind's pain as his own and fight for his "children?" To find out, Riccio declares, the wall must fall. If Kong arrives to save his children, they will know he fights for more than vengeance and truly loves them all. If he doesn't, Riccio states as he directs his gun at Aaron, then the Iwi never deserved Kong's protection to begin with. He goes on to say the rest of the world doesn't deserve Kong either, and can burn for all he cares. At that moment, a pack of Death Jackals erupts from the jungle, which Aaron and the others use as a chance to escape Riccio. Riccio opens fire on the Jackals as the others flee into the jungle. They trek across the island back to the Iwi village so they can arrive before Riccio does, assuming he fought off the Death Jackals. Aaron knows that Riccio's plan must be to use remaining seismic charges from the 1973 expedition to blow open the village wall.

Ato gets Aaron and the others back to the village safely despite the feeding frenzy of the island's predators, where there is fortunately no sign of Riccio. Aaron declares that they need to warn everyone just as an explosion rocks the wall around the village. Riccio appears before the huge gap he opened in the wall and declares that Aaron was too late. Immediately, a pack of Mother Longlegs makes its way into the village, all while Riccio screams to the terrified Iwi not to be afraid as their savior, Kong, will soon come to save them. Aaron, Ato, and the others try to run for cover as the Mother Longlegs slaughter the fleeing villagers. One Mother Longlegs impales Medov on her leg, leaving Aaron as the last survivor of the Monarch expedition. He regroups with Ato and several other Iwi and aims his rifle at a Mother Longlegs in the distance, only for Ato to warn him of one rising directly in front of them. As the monstrous arachnid bears down on them, Kong appears and punches her to the ground. The Iwi begin to chant "Yatah Kong! Kong!" as Ato tells Aaron that the great Kong has finally arrived. Aaron watches in disbelief as Kong beats down on the fallen Mother Longlegs, smashing her to a pulp. Kong turns to face the rest of the Mother Longlegs, which are all approaching him simultaneously. Kong grabs one in his hand and tears her in half, after which another leaps at him. Kong catches the Mother Longlegs and throws her to her death. Two Mother Longlegs flank Kong and try to restrain him with their tendrils, but Kong responds by fatally punching both. Kong grabs the last two Mother Longlegs in each hand and smashes them together, then beats his chest victoriously as their shattered carcasses fall to the ground. Kong observes the devastation around him and hears Riccio remark "We are worthy." Kong turns his attention to Riccio, who has donned a ceremonial garb and approaches Kong, singing his praises. Kong, aware that Riccio is responsible for the recent attack, responds by crushing the madman under his fist. Kong turns his gaze to Aaron and the other Iwi assembled on a rocky outcropping. As Kong approaches, Aaron panics but Ato instructs him not to move. Aaron cowers as Kong draws near while the Iwi kneel and pray. Aaron looks up to see Kong leaning his head forward and harmlessly looking down at all of them. In this moment, Aaron finally realizes his father was right: Kong is no mere beast, but an orphan with a drive to protect human life. He is not fighting for himself, he is fighting for all of them. Sometime later, Aaron records his final audio log for his father and seals it in a waterproof container, then sends it out to sea on one of the Iwi's boats. As the last surviving member of the Monarch expedition, Aaron takes on the responsibility of remaining behind on Skull Island and helping the Iwi rebuild.

In 2012, Houston Brooks attends his retirement party at the Monarch field office after having listened to his son's entire log. Singh asks Brooks what he intends to do now that he is a free man, and he responds that he got the idea to go on a cruise last night. Another coworker says her parents recently took a trip to Alaska and offers to give Brooks her info, but he responds that he is thinking of traveling someplace more "tropical."


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