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Godzilla Dominion
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Godzilla Dominion
Godzilla Dominion cover
Written by Greg Keyes
Art by Drew Johnson
Colors by Allen Passalaqua
Cover by Arthur Adams
Edits by Robert Napton, Jann Jones
Letters by Richard Starkings,
Jimmy Betancourt
Publisher Legendary Comics, villagebooksJP
Publish date April 6, 2021; May 8, 2021JP
Pages 96
Genre Graphic novel
ISBN ISBN-10: 1681160781
ISBN-13: 978-1681160788

Godzilla Dominion (ゴジラ:ドミニオン,   Gojira: Dominion, lit. "Godzilla: Dominion") is a graphic novel prequel to Godzilla vs. Kong written by Greg Keyes, illustrated by Drew Johnson, and published by Legendary Comics on April 6, 2021. It is one of two graphic novel prequels to the film, along with Kingdom Kong. Godzilla Dominion chronicles a day in the life of Godzilla as he searches for a new home following the destruction of his lair in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Along the way, Godzilla must defend his territory, and crosses paths with other Titans such as Scylla, Behemoth, and Tiamat.


A unique story that picks up after the events of the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, where the Titans have risen and the reign of Godzilla has begun. As told entirely from Godzilla’s point of view, the graphic novel brings new insights into the King of Monsters: his habitats, ancient rivalries, challenges, and encounters with new Titans. As his new era of dominance is tested, a coming confrontation with another King looms.


As Godzilla swims through his oceanic territory, he witnesses a battle between the United States Coast Guard and Scylla near Savannah, Georgia. Godzilla recognizes Scylla as a Titan who earlier submitted to him, but realizes that she has become hungry and restless and is trying to obtain a nuclear bomb resting on the seafloor for sustenance. Godzilla recognizes the warhead as a human invention and knows that if Scylla feeds on the weapon, it will explode and damage the land and sea. With Scylla unwilling to surrender her prize without a fight, Godzilla attacks her. Godzilla tackles Scylla, who spears her legs into his body and draws his blood. She extends her tentacles at Godzilla's face, but he shakes her off and sends her slamming into a cargo ship. The two Titans exchange roars before Scylla launches her tentacles at Godzilla's face once again. Godzilla stumbles backward into an electrical sign near several oil tanks, causing the former to spark and the latter to explode. Amid the flames, Godzilla finds himself behind Scylla and lunges at her, launching her into the air. Scylla crashes into the water and gets back to her feet, growling at Godzilla. As the humans lift the warhead onto a ship, Scylla finally retreats underwater. Godzilla knows that Scylla will outswim him and won't challenge him again anytime soon. However, he also understands that he is needed elsewhere.

Godzilla thinks about how the world has changed since King Ghidorah awoke, and that with his death, there are still imbalances in his territory as it seeks a new equilibrium. Godzilla takes in the water swirling around him, then makes his way to the Amazon River. Not long before, the many small lives of the reefs were in pain, but are now healing well. The "deep singers" are breeding once more, which pleases Godzilla. Nearby, Behemoth is locked in battle with Amhuluk, who slashes off one of the Titan's massive tusks. Godzilla arrives in Behemoth's territory, which is also healing. However, Ghidorah caused too many of his Titan brethren to awake at once, putting them into conflict with one another. If this battle continues, the land will be further wounded. Behemoth strikes Amhuluk with his other tusk, but Amhuluk retaliates with a punch that knocks Behemoth down. Amhuluk grabs Behemoth by the tusk and begins to drag him away, but Godzilla intervenes and throws Amhuluk. Amhuluk acknowledges Godzilla's status as "king" and leaves, while Behemoth stands up once more and wanders into his territory. Godzilla is tired, but his lair where he could rest and feed on the planet's energy is gone.

Godzilla swims under the sea and descends into the Hollow Earth to rest. Much has changed in Godzilla's lifetime. The land and seas have shifted, places that once burned are cold, and places that teemed with life are now abandoned. Godzilla reaches the place where his lair once stood, a place the humans had built for him. He remembers how Ishiro Serizawa had died for him here. As Godzilla descends a colossal staircase into his former lair, he realizes that something else is here now, something that should not be there. Godzilla is swarmed by a host of unfamiliar creatures, which he recognizes must have come from deeper within the Hollow Earth. As Godzilla fires his atomic breath, he perceives that the creatures seem to share a hive mind. Godzilla understands that the explosion that destroyed his lair must have breached the deeper parts of the Hollow Earth and that these creatures did not come alone. As predicted, the piranha-like creatures' massive leader bursts through a wall of rock and swims into Godzilla, biting down on his throat. Godzilla promptly tears the creature's skeleton from its flesh, and the hive mind shared by the creatures is destroyed. Godzilla incinerates the carcass with his atomic breath, and the creatures scatter. They will no longer emerge in this place once sacred to Godzilla. The energy from the Earth that Godzilla feeds on no longer collects in this place, so Godzilla must seek out a new source of nourishment.

Godzilla closes his eyes and shuts out the surrounding sounds, perceiving the winds that blow around the planet. In some places, the winds fold, like a place Godzilla once came to long ago. Godzilla may have called this place home, had a "rival" not driven him out of it. Godzilla surfaces and climbs up a cliff, drawn to the Moon which seems to call to him. Godzilla remembers how the ocean once divided his world, above and below. But now, they are one, and he sees the world anew. Godzilla sees a vision of Mothra as he remembers the sacrifice she made for him. Godzilla continues his search for a new home, led on by Mothra's gift of life. He decides to return to the place from which his rival had driven him, but senses something calling out in pain in the depths. Godzilla is compelled to defend his territory, so he goes to investigate its source. He sees many dead whales floating in the deep, and recognizes that they must have been killed by humans. He senses boats and oil, but also something else. He comes upon Na Kika, who is trapped within a massive net. She came here seeking solace and rest, only to be captured. Whatever has done this is violating the natural order. Godzilla tears Na Kika free. Godzilla realizes those who have done this have made war on the sea, and like Ghidorah, have come only to destroy for the sake of destruction. Godzilla fires his atomic breath at a nearby submarine and swims right through it, destroying the vessel. He surfaces near an oil drilling platform and is fired upon by helicopters. Some of the helicopters are shot down by Monarch jets, who were also assaulting the facility. Godzilla dives below the water and swims beneath the platform. Godzilla fires his atomic breath directly up at the platform, destroying it. He surfaces and roars victoriously.

Godzilla continues swimming, needing his energy replenished. He swims through a tunnel into the Hollow Earth, then sharpens his dorsal fins on the rocks above him. He surfaces from beneath an ice shelf, and continues on his way, swimming past several humans as well as a Monarch submarine. Godzilla swims past the carcasses of many fallen Titans, and finally reaches his destination. He can sense that his rival is here as he comes ashore. He roars to signal his intentions, but to no reply. Suddenly, the nearby water swirls and Godzilla finds himself under attack by Tiamat. The serpentine Titan coils her body around Godzilla and pulls him underwater with a maelstrom, her scales cutting into him. He headbutts Tiamat in the mouth, but she expels a blinding acidic breath from her mouth into the surrounding water. Unable to see, Godzilla is still able to pinpoint his enemy's location with his other senses, and turns to face Tiamat as she tries to swim up behind him. Tiamat again coils around Godzilla and begins dragging him deeper and deeper underwater. Godzilla realizes that Tiamat is at her strongest in the deep, and that he must take the fight to land. Eventually, Tiamat pulls Godzilla through an underwater tunnel that leads to an air pocket. The Titans surface, Tiamat biting down on Godzilla's neck. Godzilla grabs Tiamat by the throat and uses his tail to smack her onto solid ground. He then stomps on her head repeatedly. Despite this, Tiamat defiantly roars at Godzilla. However, he responds with an even more fearsome roar that convinces Tiamat to back down. She then slithers back into the water and leaves.

Godzilla continues deeper into the cavern, coming upon one of his old lairs, its walls adorned with paintings of him and his worshipers. Something is different though. His rival was not the same. Before Tiamat, there was another here. Godzilla sees the skull of a member of Kong's species and recognizes it as belonging to his rival. Godzilla has found a new home, and will be able to rest soon. But first, he must call the other Titans to rest as well.



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  • Writer   Greg Keyes
  • Art   Drew Edward Johnson
  • Cover   Arthur Adams
  • Color   Allan Passalaqua
  • Lettering   Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt
  • Design   Comicraft, Tyler Smith
  • Editors   Robert Napton, Jann Jones
  • Story and Mythology Development   Barnaby Legg
  • Monsterverse Creative   Josh Parker, Katie Aguilar, Brian Hoffman
  • Special Thanks   Alex Garcia, Jay Ashenfelter, Brooke Hansohn, Zak Kline, George Tew, Makenna Knudson, Jennifer Stewart, Sarah Jarvis, Tracy Brown, Brie Dorsey, Aaron John Gregory, Legendary Legal, Legendary Marketing, Spencer Douglas, Rui Machida, Chris Mowry


A press release published by SciFi Japan on February 20, 2020 announcing the licensees for Godzilla vs. Kong mentioned that there would be two graphic novel tie-ins for the film,[1] with only a single Kong-centric graphic novel having been announced beforehand. The second graphic novel was later revealed to be Godzilla-centric during a digital WonderCon panel by Legendary Comics on May 20, 2020. Several black-and-white illustrations from the comic were shared, but no plot details were revealed save that the Titan Scylla from Godzilla: King of the Monsters would be featured. The graphic novel was written by Greg Keyes, author of Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization, and illustrated by Drew Johnson, who previously illustrated Godzilla: Aftershock.






Legendary Comics: Monsterverse Publishing 2020 | WonderCon@Home 2020
Godzilla vs. Kong publishing program trailer



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