Kong: King of Skull Island #0

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Kong: King of Skull Island
Issue #0
Issue #1
"Kong: King of Skull Island" #0
Cover of issue #0 by Dan O'Connor
Written by Chuck Satterlee
Cover by Dan O'Connor
Pencils by Dan O'Connor
Colors by Kris Johnson
Letters by Sal Cipriano
Kong King of Skull Island Logo.png
Markosia Enterprises
Kong: King of Skull Island

"Kong: King of Skull Island" #0 is the first issue of Markosia's Kong: King of Skull Island, based on the 2005 novel of the same name by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland. At eight pages, it is considerably shorter than most comics and the five issues to follow, and only covers the events of the book's prologue. It includes a black-and-white preview of the next issue. It was released in October 2007.


The Wanderer sailed the Indian Ocean before the dawn of November 18, 1933. Carl Denham, who stood at the prow, could already smell the nearby Skull Island. He was quickly joined by Captain Englehorn, and the two discussed the turmoil at home in the wake of Kong's rampage, and their mission of returning his body to the island. Just as the sun began to rise, an enormous long-tailed Pteranodon swooped down and snatched Carl off the deck. It began to fly toward the island, but was taken out of the sky by the jaws of a large, carnivorous fish. Denham was released by the now-drowning Pteranodon, only to begin drowning himself, lamenting how his journey was ending after coming so far.



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