Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #12

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #11
Issue #12
Issue #13
"As Above, So Below"
Cover A of issue #12 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 7,890[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"As Above, So Below" is the twelfth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on May 28, 2014.


A cataclysmic monster battle for all ages! As the Devonians move their plans into endgame and humanity meets them on the battlefield, Godzilla will be the monster that determines the fate of the planet! Will the new rulers of Earth bring about a reign of life...or death?


On the USS Simon, Steven Woods, Lucy Casprell, and the Kaiju Investigation Team are surrounded by a group of juvenile Destoroyahs. Woods tells the Seekers to grab their guns and for Chavez to take Lucy's team below deck. As Lucy and her friends get inside, Chavez throws a gun to Woods, only for one of the Destoroyahs to snatch it in its jaws. Woods attacks the creature with his combat knife, only for it to retaliate by impaling him in the shoulder with its secondary jaws. Chavez fires a sonar gun at the attacking Destoroyah, killing the creature and causing it to fall on Woods. As another Destoroyah moves in to attack Chavez from behind, Lucy fires another sonar gun at it, killing the crustacean. Lucy explains that she learned how to use it by watching the CKR team in Australia and that she'll get them inside the ship. When she asks where Woods is, Chavez tells her that he's under one of the Destoroyahs and that he doesn't know if he's still alive. However, Woods gives them a thumbs up as Chavez states that they need to regroup and fight back.

Meanwhile, thousands of feet below the surface, the submarine captain orders for CKR San Diego to be notified that they were right about the Devonian city, as there's something akin to an uncharted canyon in the vicinity and Godzilla, Titanosaurus, Manda, and Gezora are heading right towards it. Manda bites Godzilla's arm, only to be grabbed by the throat and strangled by the King of Monsters. The Devonian king is informed that the monsters are closing in fast and is asked what they should do. The king states that Destoroyah must kill the humans at the surface while they destroy Godzilla. As the king orders for his forces to be rallied, Godzilla blasts Gezora with his atomic breath, causing the city's roof to leak. The Devonian king demands for the Cryog ship to be activated and sent to the surface to destroy the humans, only to be told that there's no time as Godzilla continues slamming Titanosaurus to the ocean floor while holding Manda by the throat. Titanosaurus tries to fight back only to be stomped on by Godzilla, which causes them to land in the Devonians' capital city. With the Devonian ships destroyed, the survivors try to escape to the surface on the Cryog ship.

Back on the surface, Chavez contacts Dr. Allison as his team drives off the juvenile Destoroyahs with their sonic guns. Chavez tells Allison that they have a lot of KIAs, including Kiryu's pilot, but they're finally being chased off the USS Simon. When Allison asks about Woods's condition, Chavez tells him that he's stable, but out of commission. The scientist tells Chavez that a strike is being launched on Godzilla's location, as the suits feel like the situation is too favorable to pass up. He explains that the nukes won't harm Godzilla, but it might do so for the other kaiju. The plan is to drop the whole canyon on the monsters, burying them alive despite Allison's protests. However, Chavez is speechless as Destoroyah returns in his perfect form, damaging the ship with his Horn Katana. As the crustacean prepares to finish the USS Simon, Jet Jaguar pushes the ship out of the way. Jet Jaguar punches Destoroyah in the face, only to be grabbed by the back of the neck by the crustacean's tail pincer. Lucy asks if Jet Jaguar had come to save them, only for Chavez to suggest that he may have come to save Godzilla. When Lucy asks him what he means, Chavez tells her of the plan to bury the monsters underwater alive, and that the higher ups don't care like they do. Lucy asks what can they do, be it calling the President or the submarines, but Chavez simply says he doesn't know, but maybe Jet Jaguar does. Jet Jaguar then shrinks to his human size to escape Destoroyah's tail pincer and quickly grows big again, punching him in the midsection. The robot dodges his Horn Katana and uppercuts the creature, only to be hit in the shoulder by his Micro-Oxygen Beam. Suddenly, Jet Jaguar gets an idea: He shrinks back into his human size and activates Kiryu. The robot uses the Absolute Zero Cannon to freeze Destoroyah solid and seemingly kill him, much to Lucy's astonishment. She asks if it'll be enough to completely freeze him, with Chavez replying that even if it wasn't, there won't be much left of Destoroyah to worry about. The young woman tells the robot that Godzilla's underwater, with Jet Jaguar responding by diving into the ocean. However, he's disrupted by the submarine's sonic weapons.

Meanwhile, Godzilla socks Titanosaurus in the face before biting into Manda's neck, blasting his atomic breath with the serpent still in his jaws. Titanosaurus retaliates with his own flurry of punches, only for Godzilla to catch one and break the dinosaur's arm. As he prepares to finish his rivals off, Godzilla notices the Cryog ship behind him trying to escape to the surface and proceeds to destroy it with his atomic breath, killing the remaining Devonians. The submarines stop firing their sonic weapons fire and fire all warheads at Godzilla as Manda and Titanosaurus retreat. Jet Jaguar tries to stop them, but he's too late and the explosions bury Godzilla. Meanwhile, in the San Diego CKR facility, the Devonian defector tells Dr. Allison that his people don't know what they're missing at this facility. The human figured the refugee didn't need to know the full details as he himself didn't want to hear them either, and that killing Godzilla wasn't what he wanted. When the Devonian asks about what happened to his kind, Allison tells him that they're gone. There are no signs of life and the area is now a wasteland. If that's what the refugee wanted, that's what he got. Allison remarks that if the Devonian had escaped earlier, they might have worked something out with his kind. The Devonian notes that "escape" is an interesting choice of words as he shape-shifts into his true form: The Cryog leader Rhizon. Rhizon reveals that he escaped from the battle between Godzilla and Biollante, and he knew where the Devonians were and where they kept their monsters. He comments that he knew humanity would fall for such a trick and that they can be bloodthirsty when they think they have the upper hand. But the Devonians didn't survive, Godzilla didn't survive, and now humanity won't survive. Rhizon kills Allison and escapes by taking on the doctor's form.

Meanwhile at Woods' hospital room, Chavez is notified that Allison left for the day and is asked if they should take a message, only for the soldier to decline and state that the professor will turn up eventually. Lucy comes to visit and asks how Woods is doing, with Chavez explaining that he'll be fine but he won't see combat again. The long term plans for him and the other soldiers is unknown. Lucy hopes she can apologize for the way she acted every time they spoke to each other, as Woods must've thought she was "nuts". However, Chavez tells her that he liked her the way she was and that he'll tell her when he wakes up. She'll be the second person to know when he wakes up. Lucy tells the soldier that she needs to meet with Professor Kenji Ando and asks if she can get Chavez some coffee. The soldier declines and says that he'll help with the search and rescue. Lucy leaves and thanks Chavez for everything. Outside, Ando asks Lucy about the science of megazoology given that she possibly has the most direct kaiju experience out of anyone. She tells the professor that it won't be the same without Godzilla. He asks her if she's willing to continue her studies if it means not studying Godzilla, to which Lucy replies that she won't bail on Ando like Jerome and the others did after the events in China. She keeps her promises. But it would be better with Godzilla around. Ando tells Lucy that he, Kristina, and Jason are both staying to help get the islands going and turn it into the preserve they always wanted it to be before offering her to officially join them. Lucy gladly accepts the offer, much to Ando's delight. The professor says that they should help with the recovery first, though. Lucy states that the monsters aren't going anywhere and that they'll "always be around". Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ocean, Godzilla's dorsal fins are shown poking through the debris that buried him underwater.



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