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Allie in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Student
Related to Parents (deceased),
Mason (brother, deceased)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5 Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25

Allie is a character who first appeared in IDW Publishing's 2011-2012 comic series Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters as an orphaned child rescued by protagonist Steven Woods, and later returned for a minor role for the 2013-2015 comic Godzilla: Rulers of Earth as a young adult.


Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5

Shortly after Godzilla made landfall in the United States, Allie and her family packed up as much as they could and fled Pasadena, California, as they were directly in Godzilla's path. Unfortunately, with so many others attempting to flee, they ended up being caught in traffic when Godzilla appeared just as Allie's father attempted to fend off vandals who were stealing his supplies. Though Allie's mother attempted to reassure her daughter that they would be okay, she could do nothing as Godzilla decimated the cars with his atomic breath, killing Allie's parents and her older brother in the process. Miraculously, however, Allie survived the incident relatively unscathed. The following morning, Sergeant Steven Woods found her amidst the wreckage; though she was initially scared of his appearance due to his gas mask, she was pacified when he revealed his face and told her his name. Unwilling to leave her behind, Steven opted to take the young girl with him and assured her that she would be okay, though Allie cast doubt on his claims, as her parents had said the same thing.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #6

During their travel, Steven and Allie came across hundreds of dead spiders along a road, with Steven recalling how mass animal die-offs preceded the appearances of the monsters. Fearful, Steven hoisted Allie up on his shoulders and began to run under the guise of giving Allie a playful ride, allowing them to avoid the emergence of Kumonga. As they journeyed across the country, Allie became accustomed to accepting whatever rations Steven could find for them regardless of whether or not she liked them and learned to avoid other people, who would often fight and kill one another over food. Steven taught Allie a game he called "peek-a-boo", in which she was to close her eyes whenever they came across other marauders and not open them until he told her to. In reality, this was simply his way to help shield her from seeing the violent methods he used to keep her safe from these dangerous people. Allie prided herself on never having lost a single game.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #7

As the days went on, Allie began adapting well to the new world and her life with Steven, though Steven pitied her for not being able to have a normal childhood. Eventually, Steven learned where the government regularly airdropped supplies to civilians and was able to secure more rations for Allie. After Anguirus was detected in the area, Steven and Allie were forced to keep moving in the middle of the night.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #8

In Alabama, Steven fought off a gang that attempted to steal their supplies while Allie played with a motorcycle, and later had to fight off another vagrant who wanted to kidnap Allie. Later, while resting, Steven was bitten by a venomous snake, with Allie tending to him as he tried to suck out the poison. Steven warned her that he could start experiencing hallucinations as a result of the bite, but promised her he wouldn't die. Later, while protecting Allie from a pack of wolves, the malfunctioning Mechagodzilla appeared and blasted the wolves away before Steven fell unconscious, with Steven believing the event to be a hallucination. While Steven slept, Allie found Mechagodzilla after it shut down and explored the mech before later showing Steven after he awoke. Once inside the mech, Steven learned how to activate it.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #9

Allie and Steven Woods pilot Mechagodzilla

Steven continued to learn how to operate Mechagodzilla with Allie's help. When Anguirus was once more detected nearby, Steven decided that he and Allie were done running from the monsters and now had the opportunity to fight back. With Allie serving as his copilot, Steven fought off Anguirus and ultimately defeated him, though Allie injured her head in the fight. Shortly thereafter, Godzilla was detected in the area, at which point Steven resolved to kill the monster that had taken both his parents and Allie's family. With Allie agreeing to help, Steven took the mech to Washington D.C. where Godzilla had just defeated King Ghidorah. Though U.S. President Ogden established contact with the duo and attempted to dissuade Steven from embarking on his mission of vengeance, he proved to be too late as Mechagodzilla came face-to-face with Godzilla.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #10

Steven hit Godzilla with as much firepower as Mechagodzilla had to offer, successfully landing several hits on the monster before Godzilla retaliated. Allie was terrified throughout the battle and wished for Steven to run instead, though Steven fought as hard as he could. The duo caught a break when King Ghidorah regained consciousness and set his sights back on Godzilla, and though Allie believed Ghidorah to be "good guy", Steven was unwilling to take the risk and fired shock anchors into both monsters, electrocuting them. Though Steven was reluctant to listen to the president's orders, he relented when the president reiterated the danger he was putting Allie in and offered to help talk Steven through activating Mechagodzilla's most powerful weapon - the Plasma Grenade, which successfully knocked both monsters unconscious. After Steven assured Allie that the fight was over, Steven switched over Mechagodzilla's manual override to allow the mech to return to its place of origin in Detroit.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #12

Safely arriving in Detroit, Steven and Allie exited the mech without further incident, having helped stop some of the monsters menacing the planet.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #14

In the years that ensued after the kaiju first emerged, the world adjusted to a life among monsters – thanks in no small part to organizations like Steven’s Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces, created to combat the kaiju – allowing Allie to lead the normal life that Steven had always wanted for her. Over a decade after Steven had saved her, Allie, now a college student, met with Steven in Boston at a café, though Steven was interrupted by phone calls due to political complications surrounding his CKR team in Russia. Once he returned, they talked about Allie getting settled into her new dorm when the ground suddenly began to quake with enough force to damage the entire building. Rushing outside, the two witnessed the arrival of Godzilla, who emerged out of the harbor with a nuclear submarine in hand. As the military arrived to engage the revitalized King of the Monsters, Allie and Steven fled in search of a shelter, though were unable to find one. As Steven made a call to learn about the response plan, Godzilla appeared overhead and destroyed a building before them, burying Allie and Steven in the rubble.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15

In the wake of a battle between Godzilla and an army of alien Mechagodzilla units in Boston, Allie helped Steven escape from the rubble and prepared to help other civilians in need. Before they could, Allie and Steven witnessed a familiar three-headed dragon carrying Godzilla out of the city, though it was no longer the same creature they once fought, now rebuilt as Mecha-King Ghidorah.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #16

After Steven received medical attention, he attempted to find out more information about recent events from the higher-ups to no avail, reluctantly telling Allie that he needed to leave and figure things out. Allie encouraged him to keep fighting and help his friends, as she knew first-hand that he always helped those in need. Insisting that she could manage on her own and wanting to provide more aid to the injured, Allie bid Steven farewell, telling him that she loved him and to never give up.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25

Following Steven’s death during the great battle for Earth involving most of the planet’s monsters, Allie attended his funeral, where she was comforted by another close friend of Steven's - Lucy Casprell.



  • Prior to her official return in issue #14, Allie was alluded to several times in early issues of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, with Steven at one point mentioning that Lucy Casprell reminded him of Allie. Additionally, photos of Steven with a younger Allie can be seen on Steven’s desk throughout the series.


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