Martin Lazzari

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Martin Lazzari
Martin Lazzari
Species Human
Nationality Human, Italian-American
Age 34
Aliases Professor Martin
(マーティン博士,   Mātin Hakase)
(by Haruo Sakaki and Yuko Tani)
Height 175 centimeters[1]
Affiliation(s) United Earth
Occupation Environmental Biologist, Major
First appearance Latest appearance
of the Monsters
Planet Eater
Played by Japanese:
Tomokazu Sugita
Edward Bosco
Marcus Just
Gabriel Basurto (Mexican),
Alejandro Moreno Blanco (Castilian)
Maxime Donnay
Matteo Brusamonti
Tiaggo Guimarães
Haruo Sakaki: “It remembered. Although we've forgotten, this planet has always remembered us.
Martin Lazzari: “Of course. Even after undergoing change, this is still our mother Earth. The planet that belongs to humans.
― An exchange between Martin Lazzari and Haruo Sakaki after discovering the ruins of human civilization (GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters)

Martin Lazzari (マーティン・ラッザリ,   Mātin Razzari) is a major aboard the emigrant spaceship Aratrum who first appeared in the 2017 Godzilla film, GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.

Character Description

Martin Lazzari is an environmental biologist; an eternal optimistic personality with a scholarly sense of curiosity. His talents allow him to quickly analyze and discover the truth behind the altered global ecosystem.[2]


Reiwa series

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

Because of his role as a biologist, Martin was called in by the Central Committee to discuss how Godzilla was still alive on Earth after at least 10,000 years. Martin proposed several theories: Godzilla could alternate between periods of dormancy and activity every few thousand years, he could have multiplied over time and left only one descendant, or he could simply be immortal. Regardless, Martin had no concrete proposal to defeat Godzilla, forcing the Committee to turn to the imprisoned Captain Haruo Sakaki, author of the "Godzilla annihilation strategy." Martin accompanied the expedition to the planet's surface to destroy Godzilla. When their Landing Ship reached the Tanzawa Forest area, Martin asked Eliott Leland if he could lead a small team to analyze the environment. Leland granted Martin some soldiers to accompany him, including Haruo and Yuko Tani. While observing the bizarre plant life in the forest, Martin discovered that their leaves were razor sharp and metallic, and warned his assistant Josh Emerson not to touch them as they could cut through his airtight suit. Eventually, Martin's team came upon the ruins of several buildings left behind by humanity. Martin proposed that they had been preserved by lichen that had used the concrete as a seedbed and then fossilized. As Martin and the others were marveling over the ruins, they were called back to the company's base camp, which was under attack by bizarre winged creatures. Martin examined the carcass of one of these creatures, and was perplexed by how something like it could have evolved naturally. He also stated that from carbon dating, he determined that nearly 20,000 years had passed on the planet. Martin removed one of the creature's teeth and analyzed it, and the results indicated that it was in the same family as Godzilla and was also genetically similar to the strange plant life. He determined that Godzilla's cells must have influenced the evolution of the flora and fauna on Earth during the 20,000 years that had passed.

After Leland gave the order to retreat through the Tanzawa Pass, Martin rode on a Landing Ship with Metphies and Haruo and piloted by Yuko. Godzilla suddenly appeared nearby and began approaching them, with Leland giving the order to move away from him. The damaged Landing Ship began to lose altitude and eventually crashed, though everyone was able to escape before it exploded. Haruo took command of a Hover Bike and attacked Godzilla, telling Martin to record when he deployed his asymmetrically permeable shield. Martin realized that the Bike's guns were not sufficient to make Godzilla deploy his shield, while Haruo attempted to ram Godzilla head-on with the Bike. Before Haruo could crash into Godzilla, Leland opened fire on the monster with a Multipodal Battery. This attack made Godzilla deploy his shield, and he promptly killed Leland with a blast of his atomic breath. However, using the data recovered, Martin and Mulu-elu Galu-gu pinpointed the location of Godzilla's EMP organ as being in his dorsal plates. Haruo took command of the operation and placed his strategy into action. Godzilla was lured into the Tanzawa Pass by a fleet of Hover Bikes, then trapped under rubble released by explosive charges. Artillery opened fire on Godzilla's back and destroyed his EMP organ, bringing down the shield long enough for soldiers in Powered Suits to launch EMP Probes into his body. The accumulated electromagnetic energy then caused Godzilla to explode.

As Haruo and the others stared at Godzilla's remains, Martin told Haruo that in his opinion, this was a different Godzilla from the one that drove humanity from Earth. Haruo asked how that was possible since this Godzilla shared the exact same appearance and abilities. Martin said that was exactly the reason for his theory, as it was unlikely that a creature such as Godzilla would remain completely unchanged for 20,000 years. He believed that the Godzilla they encountered was a sort of offspring of the original that inherited his form and abilities, and that there could potentially be more in the world. Haruo was confident that even if there were more Godzillas, they could defeat them just as they did this one. Martin said he admired Haruo's confidence, but would prefer never to be in such a harrowing battle again. Just then, an earthquake struck the area, with computer scans showing the seismic activity originating within two kilometers. A mountain near their location then exploded, and from it emerged the original Godzilla, now grown to over 300 meters tall. Haruo asked how a living being could grow to this size, but Martin said it only made sense if Godzilla was able to continue growing uninterrupted for 20,000 years. Haruo gave the order for everyone to retreat, but he and Martin stayed behind and watched as Godzilla approached. Godzilla brought down several Landing Ships and Hover Bikes by simply roaring at a high volume, which Martin identified as a "super oscillatory wave attack." Haruo entered a Multipodal Battery to try and distract Godzilla while everyone else escaped, with Martin warning him of the danger. However, Godzilla simply unleashed a shockwave by swinging his tail which seemingly wiped out all of the humans' remaining forces in a fiery explosion. Martin's fate was left unknown.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

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GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

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Concept art

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater


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