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Yuko Tani
Yuko Tani in GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Age 19
Height 160 centimeters[1]
Affiliation United Earth
Occupation Sergeant
Related to Daichi Tani (grandfather)

Haruo Sakaki (love interest)

First appearance Latest appearance
Planet of the Monsters
The Planet Eater
Played by Japanese:
Kana Hanazawa
Cristina Vee[2]
Franciska Friede
Azúl Valadéz (Mexican),
Greta Ruiz Ybarra (Castilian)
Sophie Frison
Martina Tamburello
Fernanda Moraes,G:PotM
Glaucia FranchiG:CotEoB
Haruo Sakaki: “Do you understand? This is practically a suicide mission!
Yuko Tani: “I want to become stronger! That's what I thought when Grandpa died.
― An exchange between Haruo Sakaki and Yuko regarding using the Powered Suits to attack Godzilla (GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters)

Yuko Tani (ユウコ・タニ,   Yūko Tani) is a sergeant aboard the emigrant spaceship Aratrum who first appeared in the 2017 Godzilla film, GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.

Born aboard the Aratrum, Yuko grew up never knowing what Earth was like before humanity was forced to abandon it. As an adult, she joined the United Earth's Powered Suit team. She joined the return to Earth mission after Tau Ceti e proved uninhabitable, and operated a Powered Suit during the battle against Godzilla Filius. After Godzilla Earth wiped out the United Earth's forces, Yuko survived and was captured by the Houtua tribe. She and her comrades were eventually released and continued the mission to find a way to defeat Godzilla. Yuko was present when the United Earth discovered Mechagodzilla City, and was chosen as an operator for the new advanced Vulture mechs. She took part in the Vulture assault against Godzilla along with Haruo Sakaki and Rilu-elu Belu-be, but was forcibly fused with the Nanometal of her Vulture when Godzilla began emitting intense heat. Yuko's attempts to resist the Nanometalization caused her to enter a brain-dead coma from which she would never awaken. Haruo ultimately took her body with him in the last Vulture as he provoked Godzilla into shooting it down to destroy the last traces of the Nanometal.

Character Description

Yuko is a childhood friend of Haruo, who grew up with him following the death of his parents. Her slim and delicate form belies her heightened physical ability. Yuko is also skilled in the design and remodeling of weapons.[3]


Reiwa era

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

Yuko, a sergeant aboard the Aratrum and member of the Powered Suit team, watched as the Landing Ship carrying her grandfather to the surface of Tau Ceti-e exploded in the atmosphere. When she learned that Captain Haruo Sakaki, who had also been raised by Yuko's grandfather from childhood, was to be part of the mission to reclaim Earth from Godzilla, she readily joined the mission. Yuko was ordered by Colonel Eliott Leland to supervise Haruo, who was still on parole following his attempt to stop the landing mission to Tau-e, while they were exploring the Earth's surface with Martin Lazzari. Yuko pulled Haruo aside and mentioned that the Central Committee claimed it safely removed all of the explosives Haruo had threatened to set off over Tau-e, but she found they were all unaccounted for. She questioned whether the Central Committee had used the explosives to blow up the Landing Ship, as Haruo had even said the Committee wanted to reduce the elderly population aboard the Aratrum. Haruo told her he wanted to believe that the Committee wasn't that corrupt, and blamed Godzilla for stealing humanity's ability to trust in each other.

The company was attacked by a flock of Servum, leaving their Landing Ships crippled and forcing Leland to call off the mission. Yuko piloted one of the damaged Landing Ships through the Tanzawa Pass, bound for an area where the company could rendezvous with the others and return to the Aratrum. However, Godzilla appeared near the pass and began approaching the company. Yuko tried to steer the ship away from Godzilla, but due to the damage it had sustained it began to lose altitude and demonstrate risk of explosion. Yuko and Professor Martin escaped the ship when it crashed, and watched as Haruo attacked Godzilla with a Hover Bike in an attempt to make him deploy his asymmetrically permeable shield. Martin said that the Bike's guns were not strong enough to make Godzilla deploy his shield, but Leland managed to make Godzilla use the shield by blasting him with a Multipodal Battery. Godzilla promptly killed Leland with his atomic breath, but Martin and Mulu-elu Galu-gu were able to pinpoint the location of Godzilla's EMP organ in his dorsal plates. Yuko was shocked when Metphies designated full command of the operation to Haruo, but was inspired by his impassioned speech to the remaining troops. Yuko took part in the operation against Godzilla, piloting a Powered Suit and planting an EMP Probe inside of Godzilla's body. Yuko was forced off of Godzilla just before the accumulated electromagnetic energy caused him to explode. Yuko was overjoyed when she saw that Haruo had survived the battle as well.

However, it turned out that the Godzilla they had killed was simply a smaller offspring which had grown from the original Godzilla's cells, with the now-300 meter original Godzilla emerging from a nearby mountain. Haruo ordered everyone to retreat, and Yuko tried to escape in a Hover Bike. Godzilla destroyed many of the escaping units with a super oscillatory wave projected from his mouth and a shockwave produced by his tail.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

Whilst looking for survivors, Haruo Sakaki received a transmission from Yuko, who seemed to be in distress. Yuko, Rilu-elu Belu-be, Adam Bindewald, and Marco Ghione were holding out in the wreckage of a destroyed Landing Ship, cornered by a mysterious tribal woman. Yuko managed to knock her down using the last bullet left in her Infantry-Employed Electromagnetic Induction Rifle. After the woman fled, Yuko spotted an identical woman with Haruo, who told his fellow soldiers to stand down. The survivors were then surrounded by other tribal people wielding spears and bows and escorted to the their village. There, they met other survivors, including Mulu-elu Galu-gu. Yuko joined in on the discussion of the possible origins of the strange people and their intentions. They were interrupted when one of the women appeared to take them to their temple. There, they learned that the tribal people were known as the Houtua, and the woman who had ambushed them and the woman with Haruo were identical twins.

When the survivors disembarked from the Houtua village, Yuko talked briefly with Haruo about the twins, who introduced themselves as Miana and Maina, and seemed upset when they decided to come along. She wandered off to investigate a signal as the others talked to the Houtua twins for a moment and was attacked by several worm-type Servum. Haruo and the others heard her screams and went to help, but to no avail until Miana and Maina killed the creatures with their Nanometal arrowheads. Afterward, several flying-type Servum attacked, but were swiftly dispatched by Metphies and the rest of the survivors, using an undamaged Multipodal Battery. Later, when Haruo gave the United Earth forces the option of returning to the Aratrum or staying to fight Godzilla Earth, she chose to stay.

Miana and Maina led Haruo's team to the remains of Mechagodzilla, with Yuko piloting the one of the three remaining Powered Suits. When they arrived, Yuko battled more flying-type Servum, only to be interrupted when Nanometal spikes sprouted forth from the ground to kill and absorb them. The survivors then crested the hill to find a huge fortress constructed by Mechagodzilla's active Nanometal, dubbed "Mechagodzilla City." As Galu-gu and Belu-be reactivated control of Mechagodzilla's systems, she exited the Powered Suit and pointed out a large gash cut in the perimeter of the crater. Belu-be explained that it was made by Godzilla's atomic breath attack that destroyed the original facility.

Haruo and the others reviewed Godzilla's recent activities and possible battle strategies, with Yuko expressing concern that activating the city might alert Godzilla to its presence. She was assured that fortifications would be operational before then. Later on, she and Belu-be scanned her Powered Suit and discussed possible modifications using Nanometal technology. During the mission briefing, they revealed that they turned it into the vastly superior Vulture mech. Yuko tested the new weapon, swiftly and skillfully maneuvering within the camouflaged perimeter, amazed by the power of the Bilusaludo's Nanometal.

While going over the test data, she was visited by Haruo. She reported her findings and suggested minor tweaks to suit her preferences. Haruo told her that she should get some sleep and turned to leave. Yuko then mentioned how similar this new environment was to the Aratrum. Haruo expressed his doubts about his role as a leader. She attempted to comfort him, stating her trust in his judgement and leadership. She tried to embrace him, but he recoiled back, claiming that his wounds from earlier still hurt. After talking to Metphies in his quarters, Haruo met Yuko on the bridge back to the base. She said that she was jealous that that she had no memories of Earth but Haruo did. She then expressed concern for Haruo's well-being, to which Haruo responded that he was fine. He promised her that he would show her a world without Godzilla. She then leaned in and kissed him, to the surprise of Miana and Maina, observing from a distance. The two separated at Yuko's quarters just as Maina and Miana warned Haruo that Godzilla was awakening.

Yuko entered the control room while Haruo argued with Belu-be and Galu-gu about the Bilusaludo fusing with Mechagodzilla City. To Haruo's surprise, she defended the Bilusaludo's position, stating that only those who volunteer were absorbed, and that it was to assist in defeating Godzilla. They were interrupted by personnel reporting that the camouflage had been deactivated. Galu-gu explained that it was because the absorbed Bilusaludo had diverted resources from the camouflage to finishing fortifications. With the city exposed, Godzilla began to move toward their position.

Godzilla fired his atomic breath, but Mechagodzilla City was able to divert most of the blast by defensively dispersing Nanometal particles into the air, taking only minor damage. Yuko volunteered to use her the Vulture to stall Godzilla while repairs were made. Belu-be and Haruo volunteered to pilot the other two Vultures as backup, leaving Galu-gu in charge of the City. Their long-range attacks failed to coax a reaction, so they switched to close combat. Godzilla fired a super oscillatory wave at Yuko, who narrowly avoided it. They began to lead Godzilla to the capture point as the fortifications around it were completed. Once Godzilla was inside, Galu-gu enclosed the trap point and poured liquid Nanometal to immobilize Godzilla. The fortifications bombarded Godzilla as they waited for him to lower his shield.

As Godzilla's shield lowered, the dorsal fin generating it was hit with the EMP Harpoons. He charged his atomic breath, but rather than exploding like Godzilla Filius, he stopped moving and began to heat up and glow a fiery orange, melting the Nanometal around him. Galu-gu and the other Bilusaludo allowed themselves to be absorbed by the Nanometal in an effort to finish him off, while the humans chose to flee. Meanwhile, Yuko, Haruo, and Belu-be decided they needed to make Godzilla fire his atomic breath to kill him. However, the temperatures around him were so intense they dissolved the Vultures' bullets before they could reach him. Galu-gu told them that the only way to be able to withstand the heat was to fuse with the Nanometal inside the Vulture and ram his dorsal fin. Belu-be accepted, but Yuko and Haruo refused. Galu-gu began the process anyways, putting both of the humans in great pain. Yuko attempted to eject, but the air was too hot for her to survive outside. Haruo caught her Vulture and was eventually persuaded by Metphies to attack the city, lest Nanometal overrun the Earth. Haruo opened fire on Mechagodzilla City's control room, destroying Mechagodzilla's head and killing Galu-gu. With all of the City's Nanometal ceasing operation, Godzilla resumed activity and destroyed the rest of Mechagodzilla City with his atomic breath.

Yuko and Haruo were spared Nanometal assimilation, but Yuko was unresponsive. Haruo carried Yuko’s Vulture to a safe landing space and pulled her out. He cradled her body in his arms as Nanometal tears ran down her face. He had hesitated for too long, and she had seemingly perished as a result.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

After the destruction of Mechagodzilla City, Yuko's body was taken to the Houtua village where Martin Lazzari revealed to Haruo that she was in a brain-dead coma and would never recover, with the Nanometal simply keeping her heart beating indefinitely.

Months after Godzilla Earth's battle with Ghidorah, Martin managed to harness the Nanometal from Yuko's body to reactivate the last remaining Vulture, and with this technology believed humanity would be able to restore civilization. Haruo realized that so long as this technology and his desire for vengeance remained, the cycle of destruction would continue and Ghidorah would one day return to finish what he started. Taking matters into his own hands, Haruo brought Yuko's body into the last Vulture and flew directly toward Godzilla, allowing him to destroy the Vulture with his atomic breath with Haruo and Yuko inside.


Concept art

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters Manga


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