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Miana render for GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle
Species Houtua[1]
Age Unknown
Aliases mIana
Height 150 centimeters[2]
Occupation Priestess[3]
Related to Maina (sister), unborn nephew or niece
First appearance Latest appearance
of the Monsters
Planet Eater
Played by Japanese:
Ari Ozawa
Rachelle Heger
Eva Andrés (Castilian)
Sophie Pyronnet
Marlene de Giovanni
Nathalia Guillem
Haruo Sakaki: “Miana, do you find Godzilla scary?
Miana: “Yeah... Scary...
Haruo Sakaki: “So, I guess you hate it? Hate Godzilla?
Miana: “Hate...? Godzilla is scary. Tornadoes and lightning are scary too. But... hate? I don't know. There is no such word in Houtua. Haruo, you can't go! That's losing!
Haruo Sakaki: “I know. A life without losing is no different from a beast. But when the time comes, we can also choose a losing battle.
Miana: “I don't understand.
Haruo Sakaki: “It's okay if you never understand. Perhaps if I was here you'd understand one day. That's why I've got to go.
― Miana tries to stop Haruo Sakaki from ending his life at the hands of Godzilla Earth (GODZILLA: The Planet Eater)

Miana (ミアナ,   Miana) is a character who first appeared in the 2017 animated Godzilla film, GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters. Her twin sister is Maina.

A priestess of the Houtua tribe along with her sister Maina, Miana speaks for the egg of Mothra: the Houtua's god. Miana rescued Haruo Sakaki after the United Earth's forces were almost entirely wiped out by Godzilla Earth, and cared for him in her hut. She and her sister later acted as conduits for Mothra's egg to address Haruo and the other survivors of the operation, then afterward insisted on accompanying them. When the United Earth survivors came upon Mechagodzilla City, she and her sister warned them that the Nanometal was a "sinister thing" before returning to their village. Sensing the United Earth were in danger, Miana and Maina observed the battle between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla City, using their telepathy to help Haruo avoid a blast of atomic breath while piloting a Vulture. Following this battle, Miana returned to the Houtua village and confronted the Exif archbishop Metphies about his hidden telepathic abilities, prompting him to capture her and tie her to a makeshift altar as he summoned forth his god Ghidorah. Haruo rescued Miana by defeating Metphies and ending Ghidorah's attempt to consume the Earth. Months later, Miana tried to reason with Haruo after he chose to let Godzilla destroy himself along with all of the surviving Nanometal, but she could not dissuade him from making this sacrifice.


Miana's name could be in reference to Mana, one of the Shobijin featured in Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Her name is stylized as mIana on the official website for the GODZILLA anime trilogy and in the English subtitles for GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle.


Miana is a short young woman with blue hair and green eyes. She has a usually docile expression on her face which differentiates her from her sister Maina. She dresses in the tribal garb of the Houtua which consists of a blue top, an ornate dark red skirt with blue pants, and brown sandals. Her body is covered in the characteristic tribal markings of the Houtua, which are white and dark red and from which she secretes healing scales.


Miana has a gentle and curious personality. She rescued Haruo Sakaki after his first encounter with Godzilla Earth and tended to his injuries in her home. While she is initially scared of Haruo, she quickly befriends him after saving him from wandering into a marsh full of worm-type Servum. In contrast to her sister Maina, Miana is more friendly and less aggressive toward the humans. Miana has a great degree of concern for Haruo, insisting on accompanying him on his mission and warning him of the dangers of Nanometal. She and her sister also save Haruo's life by sending him a telepathic warning. When Haruo ultimately chooses to sacrifice himself to end the cycle of hatred that led to humanity's destruction, Miana tries to stop him but to no avail.


Reiwa era

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

Miana was present in the Tanzawa Forest, hiding in the foliage and watching the United Earth landing troops survey the area. After the United Earth forces were demolished by Godzilla Earth, Miana rescued Haruo Sakaki and brought him into a hut. When Haruo awakened, Miana removed her mask and looked at him.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

After awakening in Miana's hut while covered in a strange powdered substance, Haruo Sakaki donned his United Earth suit and prepared to set out to find any survivors of his team. As he opened the door to leave, he came face-to-face with Miana, who immediately fled. Haruo followed after Miana, attempting to figure out who she was and where she had taken him. As he followed her through the jungle, Haruo noticed that Miana seemed to retreat as he advanced, while advancing as he idled. Haruo detected what he believed to be a signal from a downed Landing Ship, and began to cross a marsh to try and reach it. As she watched Haruo enter the marsh, Miana recognized that he was in serious danger and called out with the only word she knew after hearing Haruo say it: "Hey!" Haruo turned toward Miana, and she used her telepathy to warn him of the impending danger. Haruo exited the marsh and thanked Miana for warning him and rescuing him earlier. He tried to ask her name, but she could only respond with "Hey." He introduced himself as Haruo and sounded out his name for Miana, who tried to repeat it, pronouncing it "Ha-Ru-Oi." Suddenly, they overheard nearby gunfire, with Miana running off. Haruo went to the source of the disturbance and found several of his comrades near a fallen Multipodal Battery, having been attacked by a mysterious female assailant. When Miana emerged from the jungle, Haruo's comrades believed she was their attacker and opened fire at her. Miana, confused, dodged the gunfire. Haruo explained that Miana couldn't have attacked them, as she had been with him. Suddenly, several aboriginal people armed with spears and bows emerged from the jungle and surrounded the United Earth troops. One of them was the attacker from earlier, Miana's identical twin sister Maina. Haruo and the others were brought to the tribal people's underground village and locked in a room with other United Earth troops they had found. The United Earth forces were eventually brought into a ceremonial chamber, where Miana and Maina stood upon an altar and placed their hands on a wall. They begin telepathically speaking to the United Earth troops, each individual hearing their words in their race's native tongue. Miana and Maina asked why the United Earth, or "passing crows" as they called them, had come here and dropped bombs in their people's, the Houtua's, territory. Haruo replied that they had come to kill Godzilla. The surrounding Houtua were startled by this name being uttered, with the twins finally replying that Godzilla was the enemy of their god. Godzilla had killed their god, and now all they had was the egg it had left behind. Martin Lazzari surmised that Miana and Maina were acting as telepathic conduits for this egg somehow. The twins determined that the passing crows were not their enemies, as they stood against Godzilla and had killed his "servant." Munak, the Houtua tribal elder, allowed their prisoners to be released. Miana and Maina, to the others' shock, insisted on accompanying the United Earth forces. Haruo allowed them to come along, while others such as Yuko Tani were skeptical of the twins. To distinguish between the twins, the United Earth troops decided that they should come up with names for them. Unexpectedly, both Miana and Maina spoke their names, having learned human speech in a short time. Haruo noticed that Miana, who had rescued him, usually had a docile expression on her face, whereas Maina glared a lot. Yuko, irritated by the twins, wandered off to investigate the Landing Ship signal Haruo had detected earlier. As she crossed the marsh, she was restrained and attacked by worm-type Servum. Her comrades quickly came to her aid, shooting at the Servum and rescuing Yuko from the marsh. When flying-type Servum descended to feed on the worms' carcasses and turned their attention to the United Earth, they responded by ineffectively firing their Infantry-Employed Electromagnetic Induction Rifles at them. However, Miana and Maina fired at the creatures with arrows tipped with a strange metal, which instantly killed the Servum they struck. A Multipodal Battery commandeered by Metphies then emerged from the jungle and finished off the remaining Servum.

As the remaining United Earth forces rendezvoused in an open area, Mulu-elu Galu-gu and Rilu-elu Belu-be reported that the metal used in Miana and Maina's arrowheads was Nanometal, the autonomous Bilusaludo metal used in the construction of Mechagodzilla. They believed that there must be some Nanometal still intact in the area, and that if they recovered it they would be able to use it to kill Godzilla. Miana and Maina volunteered to lead the soldiers to the location where their people harvested Nanometal, which Maina called "poison." After passing through a cavern, the party was set upon by two flying-type Servum, which were suddenly impaled by Nanometal spikes which erupted from the ground and subsequently assimilated by the metal. In a crater below, the party finally saw the source of the Nanometal: a replica of the Mechagodzilla development facility built entirely of Nanometal, which Galu-gu named "Mechagodzilla City." A party of Houtua arrived shortly afterward to retrieve Miana and Maina after the village noticed their absence. Before departing, both twins warned their new allies that the Nanometal was "a sinister thing, poison." Back at the village, Miana and Maina debated with Munak over whether or not they should help the United Earth. Miana and Maina wanted to help them, but Munak warned that the United Earth forces were on a path to self-destruction, while the egg proclaimed nothing. Undeterred, both Miana and Maina sneaked out of the village and hid on a cliff side overlooking Mechagodzilla City. They witnessed Haruo and Yuko share a kiss on a walkway inside the City, with Miana being surprised while Maina appeared annoyed. From this position they later witnessed the decisive battle between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla City. They telepathically warned Haruo of an incoming blast from Godzilla's atomic breath, which would have hit his Vulture had he not reacted at the last moment. The scales Miana had healed him with earlier proved critical in allowing Haruo to resist the forced Nanometal fusion with his Vulture, much to Galu-gu's disbelief.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

When Metphies attempted to enter the passage leading to Mothra's egg, Miana stopped him, saying that it was a sacred place and he was not welcome there. Metphies apologized, saying that he was lost. Miana later found Metphies standing at a shrine communicating telepathically with Endurph via the Garbetrium. She realized that Metphies had been telepathic the entire time, and was hiding his ability from the Houtua. He was the only one who was silent when Miana was around the other members of the United Earth. She confronted Metphies and asked what his true intentions were, and he responded by grabbing her and forcing her to her knees. He then telepathically showed her a vision of Ghidorah, traumatizing her. Her twin sister Maina, who had been in hiding with Haruo while also posing as Miana, sensed her sister's peril and told Haruo that she heard her say the name "Ghidorah."

When Haruo later confronted Metphies on a hilltop while Ghidorah attacked Godzilla Earth, he saw that Metphies had captured Miana and tied her to a wooden structure, though she was still alive. With the assistance of Maina and Martin Lazzari, Haruo was able to overcome Metphies' telepathic assault and destroyed the Garbetrium bead in his eye which he used to guide Ghidorah. Godzilla quickly dispatched Ghidorah, while Metphies died of his injuries. Miana was rescued and returned to the Houtua village, where she lived happily with her sister, who was now pregnant with Haruo's child. One day, Miana found Haruo retrieving the comatose body of Yuko Tani in the village, and asked what he was doing. Haruo asked her if she thought Godzilla was scary, to which she replied that she did. He then asked if she hated Godzilla, and Miana replied that the Houtua did not have a word for "hate," and viewed Godzilla as they would any other scary thing like a storm or a natural disaster. She said she did not understand what Haruo meant, and he responded that if he stayed he worried that she would eventually understand. He then departed with Yuko and boarded the last remaining Vulture, before allowing Godzilla to shoot it down and kill him.


Miana is telepathic, allowing her to translate messages from Mothra's egg and to send messages mentally to the humans and Bilusaludo. However, her telepathy cannot reach fellow telepath Metphies, who is able to block her from reading his mind.



GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater



  • Miana and her twin sister Maina are based on the Shobijin, the twin miniature priestesses who speak for Mothra in the majority of her film appearances. This is reflected by their trait of speaking in unison, as well as the fact that they serve as priestesses for Mothra's egg and telepathically transmit its messages.[2]
  • While she is not shown onscreen during the final scene in GODZILLA: The Planet Eater, the film's novelization states that an elderly Miana is present along with her sister during the fire ritual in the Houtua village.


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