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Maina render for GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle
Species Houtua
Age Unknown
Aliases mAina
Height 150 centimeters[1]
Occupation Priestess[2]
Related to Miana (Sister), Haruo Sakaki (Lover),
Unborn child
First appearance Latest appearance
the Edge of Battle
Planet Eater
Played by Japanese:
Reina Ueda
Kendall Gimbi
M. Jose Montesinos (Castilian)
Sophie Pyronnet
Laura Cherubelli
Mari Guedes
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Maina (マイナ,   Maina) is a character who first appeared in the 2018 animated Godzilla film, GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle. Her twin sister is Miana.


Reiwa Series

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

Shortly after Godzilla Earth eradicated a majority of the United Earth's landing troops, Maina ambushed a company of soldiers consisting of Major Rilu-elu Belu-be, Master Sergeant Yuko Tani, Second Lieutenant Adam Bindewald, and Corporal Marco Ghione, all of whom were taking refuge in the wreckage of a Multipodal Battery. Maina fired an arrow that pierced the hull of the Battery, much to Belu-be's shock. While the other soldiers ran out of ammunition, Yuko was able to land a shot on a tree as Maina ran up it, knocking her to the ground. The soldiers approached Maina and removed her mask, and were shocked to see that she seemed to be human. Maina quickly jumped back to her feet and ran back into the jungle. When Captain Haruo Sakaki emerged from the jungle followed by Miana, Yuko and the others prepared to open fire, mistaking her for her twin sister. Haruo told them to stand down, saying he had been with Miana this entire time. Soon, Maina and several Houtua armed with spears emerged from the jungle and forced the soldiers to stand down, bringing them to their village and keeping them in a room with other United Earth soldiers they had rescued. Maina later arrived to retrieve the soldiers with two guards, and brought them into a chamber containing a large ceremonial altar. She and Miana ascended the altar and placed their hands upon it, and began to telepathically communicate with the soldiers. They asked them why they had come here and set fire to the Houtua's land. Haruo responded that they were here to kill Godzilla. The Houtua all recognized the name, with Maina and Miana stating that Godzilla represented fear and death and that he was the enemy of their God. They determined that the humans, or "passing crows" as they called them, were not enemies, but rather had opposed Godzilla and his servant. However, they said the Houtua were not interested in fighting Godzilla, though the humans could do as they wished. The Houtua elder Munak gave the soldiers their weapons back and allowed them to leave, but Maina and Miana insisted on coming with them. They revealed that just from being around the humans and observing them that they had gained the ability to understand human language. Haruo allowed the twins to join them, and the group set off to find the location of the remaining Landing Ship. En route, the twins revealed their names to the soldiers, and Haruo was able to differentiate them based on their facial expressions. He noted that Maina seemed to glare a lot more than Miana. Around this time, Yuko became annoyed by the twins and wandered off on her own to investigate a signal which could be the Landing Ship. As she crossed through a marsh, she was attacked by several worm-type Servum. The group quickly responded to her screams and opened fire on the Servum. Maina and Miana fired at them with arrows which easily pierced the creatures' skin. Lieutenant General Mulu-elu Galu-gu noticed the power of these arrowheads and asked to see them, but Maina insisted they were "poison." Soon, a swarm of flying-type Servum descended to feed on the worms' carcasses, but turned their attention to the soldiers. Just then, a company of soldiers led by Colonel Metphies emerged from the jungle and opened fire on the Servum, killing several and forcing the rest to flee.

Galu-gu and Belu-be returned to teh Houtua village to investigate the material used for the Houtua's arrowheads, and learned that it was Nanometal, the same material used to build the Bilusaludo's ultimate weapon: Mechagodzilla. They reported their findings to Haruo, saying that if they could locate the remains of Mechagodzilla they could feasibly harvest enough Nanometal to defeat Godzilla. Maina and Miana offered to lead the soldiers to the source, and the group followed them. After they passed through a cavern, they were attacked by two flying-type Servum. Yuko tried to fend them off with her Powered Suit, but suddenly the creatures were impaled by spikes that erupted from the ground and subsequently converted their corpses into Nanometal. As everyone looked into a crater below, they saw that the Nanometal had proliferated and constructed a replica of Mechagodzilla's production facility, which Galu-gu named "Mechagodzilla City." A group of Houtua appeared at the exit of the cavern, having realized Maina and Miana were missing. Haruo thanked the twins for their help, and before they left they warned him that Nanometal was "a sinister thing. Poison." After returning to the village, the twins conferred with Munak, who warned that the humans were on a path to destruction, and the Egg of their God proclaimed nothing about their fate. The twins again sneaked out of the village and traveled to Mechagodzilla City to help Haruo and the others, keeping watch from an overlooking cliff. From there, they witnessed Haruo share a kiss with Yuko on a walkway. They then sensed Godzilla awakening and continuing his search for the City. Once Godzilla had been lured to the City and was battling the Vultures piloted by Haruo, Yuko, and Belu-be, Maina and Miana telepathically warned Haruo of an incoming blast of Godzilla's atomic breath. Thanks to their warning, Haruo was able to dodge the blast at the last moment.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

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GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle


GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater


  • Miana and her twin sister Maina are based on the Shobijin, the twin miniature priestesses who speak for Mothra in the majority of her film appearances. This is reflected by their trait of speaking in unison, as well as the fact that they serve as priestesses for Mothra's egg and telepathically transmit its messages.[1]


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