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Telepathy is a psychic skill often employed by characters in giant monster media. Telepathy involves one individual speaking or communicating with another individual through only the use of their mind.

Known users

Godzilla series

  • Godzilla - Besides physical communication, Godzilla has been depicted possessing the capability of telepathy in Godzilla vs. Hedorah, the Heisei-era films, the continuity of IDW Publishing's comic book Godzilla: Rulers of Earth and its two prequels, and the Legendary Comics graphic novel Godzilla Dominion.
  • Miki Saegusa - Miki, born psychic, can utilise telepathy through her ESP abilities to communicate with Godzilla and his son.
  • Biollante - Biollante is able to produce telepathic signals that Godzilla and Miki Saegusa can detect.
  • Godzilla Junior - Godzilla Junior is able to use telepathy to communicate with Godzilla and Rodan and draw them to his location.
  • Rodan - Rodan is able to communicate telepathically with BabyGodzilla.
  • Mothra - Mothra communicates with her Shobijin using telepathy. The Shobijin are also able to use telepathy to read the thoughts of humans and kaiju.
  • Orga - Orga seems to have telepathic control of the Millennian UFO when he is battling Godzilla while outside of the ship, as he is able to command it from afar to attack Godzilla.
  • Exif - The Exif were revealed to have telepathic powers when Metphies used them to communicate with Miana. Metphies later used this telepathy in an attempt to convince Haruo Sakaki to give in to Ghidorah's influence, through the creation of powerful hallucinations.
  • Houtua - The Houtua use their telepathic powers to communicate with other races and with Mothra's egg.

Gamera series

  • Virians - Several examples of the technology utilised by the Virians revolve around telepathy, and can be found on their spacecraft. These include the Brainwave Decryption Device, which can be used to transmit instructions directly into the mind of a specified target, and a special item delivery system which will present the user with whatever they request, so long as it cannot be used to inflict harm on the spacecraft or its crew.


  • Ohmu - The Ohmu can telepathically communicate with each other.


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