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SpaceGodzilla lifts LittleGodzilla away from Godzilla using telekinesis.

Telekinesis, also referred to as psychokinesis, is a psychic ability which involves moving or directing objects using only the individual's mind. In comparison to telepathy, the ability to communicate with others using the mind, relatively few characters and kaiju have harnessed the ability to use telekinesis.

Known Users[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Miki Saegusa - In Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, Miki uses telekinesis to lift a table which she and her friends are strapped to, so that they can escape a group of Yakuza.
  • Elias - The Elias sisters are shown being able to use telekinesis if they combine their psychic abilities together.
  • Shobijin - In a similar fashion to the Elias, the two Shobijin in Godzilla: Tokyo SOS can use telekinesis to levitate, which helps them travel to Mothra.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

  • Daimajin - Being a spirit, Daimajin has limited telekinetic abilities. He displayed this in Return of Daimajin, when he parted the waters of a lake so that he could walk towards the warlord's village.
  • SpaceGodzilla - SpaceGodzilla's attacks almost entirely revolve around the use of telekinesis, and he uses it extensively - his attacks include using telekinesis to fire Homing Ghosts at his opponents, and he also uses telekinesis as part of his Gravity Tornado attack, as shown when he levitated Godzilla into the air. His use of telekinesis is dictated by a series of hand gestures which he carries out before launching an attack. However, when he is in his Flying Form, he doesn't need to use his hand gestures, and simply lifts things using a greenish-colored ray generated from his forehead.
  • Keizer Ghidorah - Keizer Ghidorah has shown the ability to use telekinesis to manipulate his Destroyed Keizer antigravity beams. This is demonstrated when he blasts Godzilla with these beams and then lifts him into the air and throws him.[citation needed]


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