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The Elias Sisters Moll and Lora
Leader Elias Sisters
Pawns Fairy Mothra
Homeworld Earth
Allies Humans
First appearance Latest appearance
Rebirth of Mothra Rebirth of Mothra III

The Elias (エリアス,   Eriasu) are Mothra's priestesses in the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy.


Unlike previous Mothra films, Mothra's priestesses are two separate individuals named Moll and Lora. Moll (who represents Wisdom) is braver, and she understands what has to be done even if it's hard. Lora (who represents Love) puts the lives of the people involved first, and she really likes human children. The Elias' mount of choice is a small moth creature called Fairy Mothra, or just "Fairy."


The Elias share many, if not, all of the abilities held by the Shobijin, but likely do not have a psychic link to each other. Moll and Lora together can combine their mental abilities to use telekinesis, launch a fiery energy blast, summon Mothra or Mothra Leo from great distances, or lend Mothra, Mothra Leo and Fairy Mothra more power.

In Rebirth of Mothra III Moll was able to send Mothra Leo to the Cretaceous period to defeat King Ghidorah, which cost her life and put her into a crystalline state (she is later resurrected). All of the Elias sisters seem to have the ability to levitate or float to avoid damage. Each sister represents the power of their people and together form the Elias Triangle (Courage, Wisdom and Love) when unified they have access to great powers.


Belvera (representing Courage) is the older sister of Moll and Lora. She is (or was at one time) just as nature conscious as her siblings, but sees humans as an ultimate destructive force. She states that she hates her younger sisters but actually cares about them and despises the human race for the damage that they caused to the Earth. Belvera believes that controlling humans for her own means is better than helping them. Due to her nature, she can't get along with the ways of the two younger sisters, declaring at the end of Rebirth of Mothra III that they will always have differing opinions. Belvera's mount is a small, winged, robo-organic, dragon-like reptile called Garugaru. Belvera has no problem striking Garugaru, and kicks it to make it go faster, but she does seem genuinely upset when he appears to die at the end of the first film. Belvera can also command Fairy Mothra and ride on her back, as shown in Rebirth of Mothra III.


  • Moll: Megumi Kobayashi
  • Lora: Sayaka Yamaguchi (Rebirth Mothra I/II) Misato Tate (Rebirth Mothra III)
  • Belvera: Aki Hano



Rebirth of Mothra

Rebirth of Mothra II

Rebirth of Mothra III


  • In Omni Productions' English dubs for the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, Moll is referred to as "Mona." Official North American DVD and Blu-ray releases of the films refer to her as Moll on the packaging, despite the English dub and subtitles using "Mona."
  • In the comic series Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths, Mothra's fairies are referred to as the Elias, despite sharing more similarities with the traditional Shobijin.
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