47 Heroines

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47 Heroines
47 Heroines
Developer Yunuo Games
Publisher Yunuo Games
Platforms Android, iOS
Languages Japanese
Genre RPG

47 Heroines (フォーティーセブンヒロインズ,   Fōtīsebun Hiroinzu), more commonly known as Yonnana (よんなな) is a Japanese 3D action RPG battle simulator developed by Yunuo Games for Android devices and iOS. From September 12 to October 3, 2019, the game hosted a collaboration with the Godzilla franchise called The Three Giant Monsters Fantasy (三大怪獣狂想曲).


In the year 201X, Japan was devastated by a force called the Void and creatures known as Devils. In the aftermath of the destruction, 47 heroines from each prefecture of Japan join together as warriors called Debuggers to fight back against the Devils. When the Debuggers discover a huge egg in Shizunoura, it hatches into the colossal moth Mothra who the Debuggers mistake as a gigantic Devil. However, twin fairies calling themselves the Cosmos appear before the Debuggers and explain that they worshiped Mothra, who is typically an ally to human beings. They explain that a battle between Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, and his sinister three-headed nemesis King Ghidorah opened a rift in space that transported all three monsters into this world. Godzilla and Mothra have been driven wild by this event and are causing destruction, so the Cosmos ask the Debuggers to stop them so they can join forces against King Ghidorah before he can destroy this world as well.


As part of this collaboration event, players can encounter Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah as enemies in the game. Once the monsters are defeated, they are added as potential allies to the player who can be leveled up and used in combat. Mothra in particular can be leveled-up using in-game items called "Mothra's Songs." Each monster has several unique attacks, including a particularly powerful special attack. In addition, special weapons designed to combat each monster are included in the game. The Super Mechagodzilla Sword is useful against Godzilla, the MOGUERA-type Lance against Ghidorah, and the Type 92 Maser Gun against Mothra.


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