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CR Godzilla: Descent of the Destruction God
CR True King of the Monsters Godzilla
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CR True King of the Monsters Godzilla
CR Shin Kaiju Oh Godzilla.jpg
Developer Newgin
Publisher Newgin
Platforms Pachinko
Languages Japanese
Genre Casino

CR True King of the Monsters Godzilla (CR真・怪獣王ゴジラ,   Shī Aru Shin Kaijū-ō Gojira) is a Japan-only pachinko game developed by Newgin, and the fifth entry in the company's lineup of Godzilla machines. It was released in November of 2018.


Due to mankind's reckless advancements at the expense of the environment, terrifying creatures known as Earth Monsters have begun appearing from underground and wreaking havoc. To make matters worse, Godzilla, a creature from ancient legends, emerges seemingly in response to the Earth Monsters. Unable to fight Godzilla and the Earth Monsters in its current state, the human race forms the Earth Defense Force and constructs powerful anti-monster weaponry to finally fight back. The EDF creates Mechagodzilla, a mecha built around the skeleton of another member of Godzilla's species, and uses it to attack him. This enrages Godzilla, who declares war on humanity and achieves a powerful new form called Ultimate Mode. Meanwhile, a hostile alien race known as the Xiliens intends to conquer the Earth, but views Godzilla as an obstruction to their plans. In response, the Xiliens send their army of Space Monsters to Earth to eliminate him. With only Mechagodzilla and the benevolent goddess Mothra on its side, humanity watches as Godzilla, the Earth Monsters, and the Space Monsters battle for domination of the Earth.


CR True King of the Monsters Godzilla is a pachinko slot machine game, where slot results determine the outcomes of onscreen battles. The onscreen battles are represented through a combination of computer-generated animation and live-action tokusatsu footage. There are three modes in the game: Godzilla Battle Mode, G-Force Mode, and Keizer Ghidorah Mode. Godzilla Battle Mode involves the player taking control of Godzilla to battle against the Xiliens' Space Monsters. G-Force Mode puts the player in the role of the Earth Defense Force's weapons Mechagodzilla, Super X3, and New Gotengo and pits them against both Godzilla and the Earth Monsters. Keizer Ghidorah mode features a battle between Godzilla and the most powerful Space Monster, Keizer Ghidorah.



Weapons, vehicles, and races


While the majority of the onscreen cutscenes are accomplished by computer-generated footage of the monsters, some surviving kaiju suits from the Millennium series are used. At least some of this tokusatsu footage was previously recorded for past CR Godzilla games.


  • Despite traditionally being depicted as an alien, Hedorah is classified as an Earth Monster in this game.
  • When describing him as a monster from ancient legends, the game's story synopsis spells Godzilla's name with the kanji characters 呉爾羅, the same characters used to spell his name in Shin Godzilla and GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse.
  • The version of Keizer Ghidorah featured in this game possesses a blue aura and uses blue beams instead of yellow ones.

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