Mothra Tamagotchi

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Mothra Tamagotchi
The packaging for Mothra Tamagotchi
Publisher Bandai
Languages Japanese
Genre Virtual pet

Mothra Tamagotchi (モスラのたまごっち,   Mosura no Tamagotchi) is a Mothra-themed Tamagotchi handheld game released by Bandai in 1997 as a tie-in for Rebirth of Mothra 2.


Being a Tamagotchi game, gameplay is centered around taking care of a virtual pet, in this case a baby Mothra. By interacting with and caring for it, Mothra gains "Justice Power" (正義のパワー,   Seigi no Pawā), which allows her to evolve into different monsters depending on the amount that she maintains. The game contains "hidden characters" (かくれキャラ,   kakure kyara) for Mothra to evolve in to, which require specific actions or levels of Justice Power to obtain. These characters include the Elias twins Moll and Lora (called "Mora" here), Ghogo, and Godzilla himself. The game also features unique stages of Mothra and Battra's evolution, including individual baby, larva, and grub forms.



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