Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur

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Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur
Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms Android, iOS
Languages Japanese
Genre Card Battle RPG
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Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur (乖離性ミリオンアーサー,   Kairisei Mirion Āsā) is a 2014 mobile game and the sequel to Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur. It is available for Android and iOS phones. Godzilla was added to the game as a boss character on June 15, 2016, alongside several character from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The game uses his ShodaiGoji design.



Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur Gameplay


  • Godzilla's original roar was not used in this game, instead Godzilla has a new original roar.
  • Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur is one of two mobile games to be involved in the Godzilla vs. Evangelion merchandise collaboration, the other being Monster Strike.

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