Evony: The King's Return

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Evony: The King's Return
The logo of Evony: The King's Return
Developer Evony, LLC
Publisher Evony, LLC
Platforms iOS, Android
Languages English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Malay, Arabic, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Swedish, Filipino, Romanian, Hebrew, Danish, Thai, Marathi
Genre Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game

Evony: The King's Return is a mobile multiplayer online game by Evony, LLC. The game collaborated with Kong: Skull Island for an in-game event in 2022 and with the Godzilla franchise in 2023.


The world of Evony is persistent and set in the medieval time period in which the player takes the role of a lord or lady of their people. New players are given "beginner's protection" which prevents other players from attacking them and gives them time to gather up resources and troops. It lasts for seven days or until the city hall is upgraded to level 5.

In this game, players are responsible for managing various aspects of their city, including tax rates, production, and construction. Resources such as gold, food, lumber, stone, and iron, as well as the city's idle population, are all important factors in gameplay. Similar to other games of this genre, players must first focus on increasing their city's population and resource production rates, while also constructing key buildings. Once these initial tasks are complete, players can begin building resource fields and raising an army. The army can consist of a variety of units, including siege machines like ballistae, catapults, and battering rams, as well as foot troops like archers, warriors, and swordsmen.


Kong: Skull Island x Evony: The King's Return

On September 20, 2022, a teaser image was posted by the official Twitter account of the game. Two days later, the theme of the event was revealed. On November 4, the King Kong collaboration event begun.[1] The King Kong collaboration event returned on April 14, 2023, and lasted until April 25. There were three rounds of the event in total.

Three monsters were added as in-game enemies: Mother Longlegs and the Mire Squid, who are also bosses, and Kong, who is not. The reward for defeating the Mire Squid is the newly-added Mire Squid Chest. Two characters from the film, James Conrad and Mason Weaver, were also added to the game.

Several new decorations and buildings were added:

  • Skull Island, a castle skin which shows two Skullcrawlers and a skull
  • Buffalo Bessel, a march showing a Sker Buffalo pulling a boat
  • Beast Bones, a unique decoration
  • Kong's City

Godzilla x Evony: The King's Return

The Godzilla collaboration was announced on Twitter through a teaser image on February 12, 2023. The event begun on February 17, 2023.[2] A second round of the event started on March 3, adding World Boss Biollante and numerous decorations including Godzilla-themed castle skins.[3]

The event includes decorations and rewards:

  • Godzilla's Castle - Flame
  • Godzilla's Castle - Jade
  • King of the Monsters: Golden Prestige Avatar Frame
  • Godzilla's Roar: Burning Godzilla
  • King Ghidorah-themed chest

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Kong: Skull Island x Evony: The King's Return

Godzilla x Evony: The King's Return


Evony: The King's Return x Kong: Skull Island trailer
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