G-Patrol VR: Combat Simulator

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G-Patrol VR: Combat Simulator
G-Patrol VR: Combat Simulator
Developer D:ablo Production Studio L.L.C.
Publisher Centropolis Interactive
Platforms PC
Languages English
Genre Simulation

G-Patrol VR: Combat Simulator was a video game based on the 1998 GODZILLA film and released in 1997 on Godzilla.com.


"Go on patrol with a special task force and prepare for the ultimate battle. Try to survive and fight hostile intruders and aggressive creatures in a combat situation simulator.

Due to what appears to be Godzilla's migration to the United States, the U.S. Military has implemented "G-Combat Training" for it's soldiers. The combat simulator, named G-PATROL VR , has been modified from its traditional combat status to include targets which represent the Godzilla threat. The simulator pits the soldiers against simulated VR monsters as well as a conventional enemy presence. Godzilla is expected to hit U.S. shores in May of 1998."



  • Dinosaur-like Unknown Lifeform
  • Spider-like Unknown Lifeform

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