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Kodak is an American technology company that produces imaging products.

Product placement


Niko Tatopoulos grabs a Kodak Max One Time Use Camera in order to take photos of the plan to lure Godzilla out of the sewers. When Godzilla finally rises, Nick takes a photo of Godzilla. Godzilla notices the camera's flash and puts his head up close to Nick. After that, Godzilla walks away to the pile of fish being used to lure him out.



The GODZILLA commercial tie-in for Kodak starts with a group of people eating in a diner, when all of a sudden, Godzilla appears and starts attacking New York City. A man from the diner leaves and grabs a Kodak Max One Time Use Camera from a vending machine that supplies them. He takes various photos of Godzilla. When the man attempts to take one last photo of Godzilla, he roars in the man's face. The man shouts "Never mind, I think I got it!" and the commercial ends.


GODZILLA commercial



Kodak GODZILLA commercial


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