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Kiko in Son of Kong
Alternate names Kiko Kong, Son of Kong,
Little Kong, Baby Kong, Baby
Species Juvenile giant ape
Height 12 feet[1]
Relations King Kong (father)
Allies Carl Denham, Hilda Petersen
Enemies Cave Bear, Dragon
Played by Stop-motion
First appearance Son of Kong

Kiko is the albino son of King Kong who appeared in the 1933 RKO Radio Pictures film Son of Kong.


Kiko's name may come from combining the first two letters of both words in King Kong's name. Kiko is never referred to by name in the film itself, but is called either "Little Kong" or just "Baby."


Kiko closely resembles his father, but stands about 12 feet tall and possesses white fur and light gray skin.


Son of Kong

Kiko lived on Skull Island for an unknown amount of time after his father was taken away by the crew of the S.S. Venture, and eventually stumbled into some quicksand, where he was saved by Denham, who had returned in search of treasure, and Hilda Petersen, who took pity on him. They knocked down a tree on which Kiko pulled himself out, before he was attacked by a Cave Bear. He fought it off, but damaged his finger, and Hilda bandaged it with a piece of fabric she tore from her dress. Kiko then befriended them, and followed them as they searched the island. He later helped Denham to open a sealed temple on the island, and fought off the Dragon that had followed them inside. After helping Denham reach the treasure, an earthquake began to cause the island to sink into the ocean. Kiko and Denham climbed out of the cave as bits of the island chipped away and fell into the sea. They managed to stay out of the water, but as their small bit of land began to crack, Kiko's leg became caught between the rocks, and he was unable to free it. As the water encroached upon them, Kiko grabbed Denham and held him out of the water at the cost of his own life. When Denham was saved by his friends, he let his hand sink into the ocean.

Peter Jackson's King Kong Production Diary

As an April Fools Day prank, Peter Jackson made an entry in his video production diary of himself and the cast of the 2005 film proclaiming that they were remaking Son of Kong. The described plot involved Ann Darrow, Carl Denham, and Jack Driscoll returning to Skull Island and discovering Kiko, and riding on his back at some point. Eventually Kiko would be taken from the island, and fight on the European front in World War II with two Browning Machine Guns mounted on his shoulders.[2] It should be noted that in the true continuity, Kong was the last of his kind, as confirmed by Carl Denham on a 1935 ecological expedition to Skull Island.[3]



Kiko has demonstrated great strength, and was capable of defeating larger foes than himself, and toppling stone walls with a simple push. However, his skin seems less durable than his father's was, as a fight with a Cave Bear left his finger bleeding.


Kiko has demonstrated the ability to use tools, specifically he picks up a log from the jungle floor and uses it as a bludgeon against the Cave Bear.


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Peter Jackson's King Kong Production Diary: Son of Kong


  • Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts wanted the film's opening scene to involve World War II-era soldiers killing a baby Kong, but the idea was rejected by Legendary Pictures executives.[4]
  • In Peter Jackson's Son of Kong April Fool's Day prank, Kiko was portrayed through stock footage of Joe Young from the 1998 remake of Mighty Joe Young, based on the 1949 film that used the same production team as the original King Kong film, as well as a white colored test animation model, and a crude sketch by Peter Jackson.

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