Cave bear

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Cave bear
The cave bear in Son of Kong
Species Giant bear
Enemies Kiko
Modeled by Marcel Delgado[1]
First appearance Son of Kong
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The cave bear[2] is a fictional ursine monster—based upon the extinct bear species Ursus spelaeus—that appears in the 1933 King Kong film Son of Kong.


The stop-motion puppet for the cave bear was manufactured by Marcel Delgado.[1]


The cave bear simply resembles a giant bear, with no real distinctions from extant bear species or the extinct species upon which it was based. It has small eyes, dark fur, claws, and sharp teeth.


Son of Kong

After spotting Carl Denham and Hilda Petersen in its Skull Island domain, a cave bear chased them out of the jungle and into a ruined temple. Kiko, son of the late Kong, heard Hilda's screams and engaged the bear in battle, ultimately defeating it.


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