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Lilin in "A Space Godzilla"
Species Space Godzilla
Forms Fetal form, Grown form
Relations Rozan (Mother), Kunin (Father)
Allies Rozan, Kunin, Sphinx Princess, Sphinx Prince
Enemies Sunerians, Sunerian Queen, Gamoni
First appearance "A Space Godzilla"

Lilin (リリン,   Ririn) is an extraterrestrical kaiju featured in the 1979 short story "A Space Godzilla" published in Starlog magazine, based on an unmade Toho Godzilla film of the same name.


As a fetus, Lilin resembles a smaller version of Godzilla, but with smooth white skin.


Lilin is a Space Godzilla, a species of intelligent aliens that come from Godzilla Planet. He was discovered to be in the womb of his mother Rozan after she had washed up on the shores of Japan.


"A Space Godzilla"

The Space Godzilla Rozan washed ashore in Japan, dying of diabetes. She uses psychic communication to inform scientists of her unborn child, Lilin, and that she needed to return to her home planet. To save Lilin, the scientists converted Rozan into a spaceship, and sent her and her unborn child back to their home planet. While travelling through space, Lilin came across other Space Godzillas and a hostile alien race called the Sunerians, along with their leader, Gamoni. After growing to adulthood, Lilin joined forces with his father Kunin to battle Gamoni and the Sunerians and defend Godzilla Planet.



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