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Gandora in The Godzilla Comic
Species ?
Allies None
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance The Godzilla Comic
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Gandora is a kaiju that first appeared in the The Godzilla Comic.


Gandora has a long, serpentine body with four large plates located in the mid-section of its body which it can close around either its head or tail.


The Godzilla Comic

In 2017, Gandora appeared on Earth as the vanguard of an attacking alien force, arriving in Brisbane, Australia and engaging an American military force which had come to Australia's defense. Moving on a course towards Toowoomba, Gandora effortlessly defeated the defenders, as its body temperature, so hot that it could melt rock, prevented any meaningful counterattack. A last-ditch plan was formulated to use a superweapon named the 'G-Unit' to counter Gandora, with this superweapon revealed to actually be Godzilla, who confronted Gandora in battle, but he too was outclassed by the monster. As Godzilla and Gandora fought, a nuclear strike was launched on the two monsters in an attempt to kill both of them, but the explosion was much smaller than expected. When the dust cleared, Gandora had survived, but Godzilla lay motionless in the water-filled blast crater. However, Godzilla suddenly got to his feet, as the nuclear explosion had given him a massive boost in energy. He pulled Gandora's armor plating open, then fired his Atomic Breath into Gandora's exposed body, killing the space monster instantly. With their invasion monster defeated, the aliens that accompanied Gandora quickly fled. However, the decision to use a nuclear weapon had come at a cost, as when an attempt was made to freeze Godzilla to place him back into the G-Unit, Godzilla was able to withstand the low temperatures, and began travelling on a similar course across Australia to the one Gandora had been on, intent on attacking anyone who tried to stop him.


High body temperature

Gandora's body is extremely hot, able to melt the asphalt roads around it. However, it doesn't seem to be hot enough to harm Godzilla.


Gandora is able to shoot a beam of energy which entered a beam-fight with Godzilla's atomic breath.


Gandora is capable of flight.

Armor Plates

Gandora has four armor plates around its mid-section which it can use to encase its head to protect itself, as well as streamline its body to fly at high speed.



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