The Godzilla Comic

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The Godzilla Comic
The Godzilla Comic
Author(s) Hiroshi Yokoyama,
Minoru Kawasaki,
Kia Asamiya,
Tatsuya Tomimoto,
Shinpei Ito,
Koichiro Yasunaga,
Yutaka Kondo,
Hurricane Ryu,
Kenichi Matsuzaki,
Tamaki Nozomu,
Akio Jissoji,
Reijiro Kato,
Kazuko Yumeno,
Ken Ishikawa,
Kazumine Daiji,
Yamada Takahiro
Publisher Takarajimasha
Publish date January 1990
Genre Various; Anthology
ISBN ISBN-10: 4880637920
ISBN-13: 978-4880637921

The Godzilla Comic (THE ゴジラ COMIC,   Za Gojira Komikku) is a Japanese anthology comic published by Takarajimasha, Inc. in January of 1990.[1]


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The Godzilla Comic is an anthology comic featuring the work of a vast number of different artists, and 15 original stories. The tales vary from humorous parody to darker themes. The chapters are:

  1. Original Story: GODZILLA (Original Story GODZILLA) by Hiroshi Yokoyama
  2. Godzilla² (ゴジラ2,   Gojira²) by Minoru Kawasaki and Kia Asamiya
  3. POSEIDON (POSEIDON,   POSEIDON) by Tatsuya Tomimoto
  4. Tokyo Godzilla Group (東京ゴジラ団,   Tōkyō Gojira-dan) by Shinpei Ito
  5. Godzilla vs. Bonsai Daughter (ゴジラ対盆栽娘,   Gojira tai bonsai musume) by Koichiro Yasunaga
  6. Strange Tale of Genroku Period Odo Island (元禄大戸島異聞,   Genroku dai Toshima ibun) by Yutaka Kondo
  7. Monster Warrior Godzilla (GODZILLA怪獣戦士,   GODZILLA kaijū senshi) by Hurricane Ryu
  8. Godzilla: Nightmare Option (GODZILLA-悪夢の選択,   GODZILLA - akumu no sentaku) by Kenichi Matsuzaki and Tamaki Nozomu
  9. Tiny Godzilla (小さなゴジラ,   Chīsana Gojira, lit. Small Godzilla) by Akio Jissoji and Reijiro Kato
  10. Last Seen (ラストシーン,   Rasutoshīn) by Kazuko Yumeno
  11. Warning from G (Gからの警告,   G kara no keikoku) by Shinobu Kaze
  12. Godzilla vs. Chief Yamada (ゴジラ対山田課長,   Gojira tai Yamada kachō) by Ken Ishikawa
  13. Godzilla's Resumed Earth Defense Battle (ゴジラ再び地球防衛決戦,   Gojira futatabi chikyū bōei kessen) by Kazumine Daiji
  14. Gojira-Kun (ゴジラくん,   Gojira-kun) by Yamada Takahiro
  15. Godzilla, Young Guy, and Me (僕とゴジラと若大将,   Boku to Gojira to waka taishō) by Minoru Kawasaki


Original Story: GODZILLA


In a comical short by comedian and Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit (among other things) director Minoru Kawasaki, Japanese pop idol Yuki Saito is invited to join the Earth Defense Force, and uses her singing to pacify Godzilla during one of his rampages.


Tokyo Godzilla Group

Another satirical take, this time poking fun at the various conference sequences of the Godzilla and other Toho monster films.

Godzilla vs. Bonsai Daughter

In a tale with a clear inspiration from Godzilla vs. Biollante, a human-bonsai creature defends the world from Godzilla. This story is more atmospheric in nature, and Godzilla only appears, in silhouette, in a single panel.

Strange Tale of Genroku Period Odo Island

In 1701, Godzilla appears and battles a group of Edo period Japanese samurai.

Monster Warrior Godzilla

Created by conceptual artist and suit actor "Hurricane" Ryu, this story depicts Godzilla and other Toho kaiju as humanoid warriors from an alternate reality. Thanks to an advanced human army, they are on the verge of extinction. Godzilla agrees to do battle with them alone, but not before killing Biollante, the traitor who gave the humans the Spirit of the Wood Nymph. Baragon also informs him of a legendary sword, shield, and suit of armor that fell to Earth when the rift between the human and monster realities opened. Godzilla arrives in Japan, swiftly destroys the human's undersea forces, and acquires the armor. A Markalite GYRO launches him into space, but he escapes after it collides with a meteor. He dispatches the humans' space forces, including the Gotengo and Gohten, then takes on the Super X and Super X2 with equal success. Burrowing underground, he seemingly kills the Japanese Prime Minister before rescuing the Wood Nymph. She prepares to close the rift. The Prime Minister takes on Godzilla at the helm of Jet Jaguar, backed up by Mechagodzilla, Moguera, and Mechani-Kong. Their weapons wound him, but just then, the hero's sword and shield emerge from a fissure. Jet Jaguar hops onto a motorcycle as the Prime Minister raves about the need for humans to colonize the monsters' world, so as to replace their own polluted planet. Godzilla finishes all four mechs off with a blast of atomic breath, then returns to his reality, ascending in a beam of light.

Godzilla: Nightmare Option

In this story Godzilla battles a monster named Gandora, and at the end mutates into a "Super Godzilla" type form.

Tiny Godzilla

Written by Ultraman (among other things) director Akio Jissoji, a love story takes a turn when its revealed the object of a cameraman's affection is actually an alien attempting to control Godzilla.

Last Seen

Warning from G

Easily the strangest and most controversial story in the whole book, a martial arts master learns a special killing technique to use against Godzilla. Against all odds the move works and Godzilla is killed, though at the cost of his own life, leaving his pregnant wife a widow. Not long after the child is born, he starts behaving strangely, and he reveals that he is actually Godzilla reincarnated in human form before attacking his mother. The story from there takes a ride through the spirit world.

Godzilla vs. Chief Yamada

Another humorous story that's something of a crossover with the author's own Salaryman-style comic character.

Godzilla's Resumed Earth Defense Battle

Gigan and King Ghidorah return, and Godzilla and Mothra engage them in Antarctica.




Godzilla vs. Bonsai Daughter

Monster Warrior Godzilla

Godzilla: Nightmare Option

Warning from G

Godzilla's Resumed Earth Defense Battle




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10 months ago
Score 1
This comic is freaking weird! Kids, Shell your eyes!!


9 months ago
Score 0
No no no no no! How about something more weird than this comic? How ‘bout a human-sized Godzilla interacting with Lucy from Elfen Lied? Or taking the setting of Fist of the North Star and replacing all of the characters with anthropomorphic versions of Godzilla Kaiju (I know “Monster Warrior Godzilla” is like that, but I'm talking about FotNS), or Godzilla vs. Samurai Jack?


10 months ago
Score 0
“Warning from G”. More like Godzilla: The Exorcist Edition.


37 months ago
Score 2
This Comic can get extremely weird. The freaking psychic baby that gets possessed... I mean... what the...


12 months ago
Score 1
I know, an anomorphic Godzilla is sword fighting in space?!?! What is this????
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