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Space Beastman
The Space Beastman in The War in Space
Subtitle(s) Mutant (ミュータント,   Myūtanto)[1]
Space Monster
(スペース・モンスター,   Supēsu Monsutā)[2]
Species Extraterrestrial mammal
Height 3 meters[3]
Weight 500 kilograms[3]
Played by Mammoth Suzuki
First appearance The War in Space

The Space Beastman (宇宙獣人,   Uchū Jūjin) is a kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1977 film, The War in Space.


Space Beastman is a bipedal humanoid which shares similarities to the Sasquatch. He is covered from head to toe in dark brown fur, and has a pair of yellow horns sticking out of his head.


The War in Space

The Space Beastman is one of the Messiah 13 Aliens' strongest allies, and is present aboard their main spaceship. He assists in attacking the UN soldiers attempting to board the aircraft from their Gohten.



The Space Beastman boasts immense strength.


The Space Beastman wields an axe for melee combat which can also produce streaks of energy to easily cut through objects, as well as also absorb laser fire.


The Godzilla Comic

Space Beastman makes an appearance in the Monster Warrior Godzilla story, as one of the monsters living on their own planet.


Main article: Space Beastman/Gallery.


  • Ironically, despite being clearly inspired by Chewbacca from Star Wars, the Space Beastman is a villainous monster.


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