Commander Hell

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Commander Hell
Commander Hell in The War in Space
Alternate names Hell Commander
Subtitle(s) Galactic Empire Expeditionary Force
(銀河帝国遠征軍,   Ginga Teikoku Ensei-gun)[1]
Galactic Empire
(銀河帝国,   Ginga Teikoku)GTB
Species Messiah 13 Third Planet of Yomi Alien
Height 2 meters[2]
Weight 100 kilograms[2]
Allies Space Beastman
Enemies Humans
Played by Goro Mutsumi
First appearance The War in Space

Commander Hell (司令官ヘル,   Shirei-kan Heru) is a kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1977 film, The War in Space.


Commander Hell appears to be based off a Roman soldier, wearing a galea atop his head and light torso armor. Like all Messiah 13 Third Planet of Yomi Aliens, Commander Hell generally resembles a human, albeit with green skin. He also carries a large cobra-like staff.


The War in Space

The leader of the Messiah 13 Third Planet of Yomi Aliens, Commander Hell hailed from Messiah 13, the third planet in the Yomi solar system. With their planet on the brink of its demise, Commander Hell led his people to Earth, which he intended on claiming for himself. As his forces attacked Earth, Commander Hell stationed his own warship, the Daimakan, on Venus to serve as the Messiah 13 Third Planet of Yomi Aliens' base.

As the Gohten traveled to Venus in a bid to thwart the invasion, the aliens abducted Jun Takigawa, a member of the UN Space Federation. Shortly thereafter, Commander Hell contacted the Gohten to dissuade them from their mission, holding Jun hostage. Undeterred, the Gohten proceeded with its mission and its crew later boarded the Daimakan to rescue Jun and find a means to destroy the vessel. Though most of the crew were killed by the aliens, Koji Miyoshi located Commander Hell and the Space Beastman who held Jun hostage. Jun and Koji were thrown into a cell, though the duo were able to escape and returned to the Gohten. Commander Hell then launched the Daimakan, which engaged the Gohten in a lengthy dogfight over the surface of Venus. Commander Hell and the Daimakan eventually downed the Gohten, which all but assured his victory. However, the crew of the Gohten revealed one last surprise - that the drill of the vessel was detachable, and it housed the powerful Ether Bomb. Jun's father, Dr. Masato Takigawa, proceeded to pilot the drill directly into the hull of the Daimakan before detonating the bomb, obliterating the ship, killing Commander Hell, and effectively ending the threat of the Messiah 13 Third Planet of Yomi Aliens.



Commander Hell wields a large, cobra-like staff that can release a powerful telekinetic force from its base. This force can blow people and other objects back.

Video games

Godzilla: Trading Battle

In this game, Commander Hell is among the various opponents who can challenge the player to a duel.



The War in Space


  • A story illustrated by Yuji Kaida in the March 1983 issue of Terebi Magazine features an alliance of Toho's various malevolent alien races from the Showa era called the Dark Mysterious Star Alliance, which includes a member of the Messiah 13 Third Planet of Yomi Aliens identical to Commander Hell, though it is not clear if it is actually meant to be him. The invaders collaborate to construct a robot called Mecha-Ghidorah in order to conquer the Earth.[3]


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