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Toho Company, Limited Monster
The Giant Sea Serpent as it is seen in King Kong Escapes
Giant Sea Serpent
Nicknames Giant Sea Snake,
The Serpent of Mondo Island[1]
Subtitle Sea Beast (海獣,   Kai Jū?)[2]
Species Giant Serpent
Length 85 meters[3]
Weight 4,000 metric tons[3]
Enemies King Kong
Created by Takeshi Kimura
Portrayed Puppet
First Appearance King Kong Escapes
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The Giant Sea Serpent (大ウミヘビ,   Ō Umihebi?, lit. Giant Sea Snake) is a giant serpent kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1967 Toho film, King Kong Escapes.


Showa Series

King Kong Escapes

The Giant Sea Serpent only has a short appearance in the film King Kong Escapes. When the film's central character Susan Watson and her companions are attempting to leave Mondo Island, the Giant Sea Serpent rises out from the water and approaches their craft. On the shore, King Kong, concerned with the safety of Susan then throws a boulder at the serpent to distract it while Susan Watson and her companions escape the serpent and reach their submarine. King Kong goes into the water, and is attacked by the Giant Sea Serpent, who attempts to constrict Kong. After a brief skirmish, Kong frees himself from the Giant Sea Serpent's grasp and tosses him back into the water.


  • The Giant Sea Serpent has abilities similar to those of contemporary giant snake Manda.
  • The Giant Sea Serpent is a superb swimmer and uses constriction to defeat his enemies.


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  • The battle with King Kong and the Giant Sea Snake is reminiscent of Kong's bout with the Elasmosaurus in the original King Kong film.
  • It is speculated that the Piranhadon from Peter Jackson's King Kong was an homage to the Giant Sea Serpent.
  • The Giant Sea Serpent is one of the minor Showa era monsters to have received an official toy.[4]


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2 months ago
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that snake is so kool


10 months ago
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Half Manda, half Giant Boa. Snakes are cool, and this is no exception.


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The Serpent of Mondo Island

That's awesome.