Godzilla Toho Giant Monster Pictorial Book

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Godzilla Toho Giant Monster Pictorial Book
Godzilla Toho Giant Monster Pictorial Book
Publisher Shogakukan
Publish date April 1, 2005
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4092800525
ISBN-13: 978-4092800526

Godzilla Toho Giant Monster Pictorial Book (ゴジラ東宝大怪獣図鑑,   Gojira Tōhō Daikaijū Zukan) is a 2005 informative book.


Godzilla Toho Giant Monster Pictorial Book was released on April 1, 2005 and published by Shogakukan. The book, part of the "Kids Pocket Books" series, contains 209 pages and is in full color up until page 50, and is in black-and-white after that. It comes with a dust jacket and is paperback.

The book contains stats and short bios on nearly all Toho monsters and vehicles up to 2004, including the likes of Maneater and Vampire Plant.




  • 50 Years of Godzilla ゴジラ50年 (p. 3)
  • Character File [Final Wars Monsters Section] (p. 7)
  • Character File [Final Wars Mechanical Section] (p. 25)
  • Godzilla Battle Album (p. 33)
  • Character File [Godzilla Section] (p. 51)
  • (p. 74) Column I: Worldview of the Godzilla Series
  • Character File [Earth Monsters Section] (p. 75)
  • (p. 128) Column II: Secret Fun of Recycled Footage
  • Character File [Space Monsters Section] (p. 129)
  • (p. 142) Column III: Godzilla and Gigan Rampage on TV!
  • Character File [Robot and Cyborg Monsters Section] (p. 143)
  • Character File [Alien Race and Kaijin Section] (p. 157)
  • (p. 172) Column IV: Overseas Versions of Toho Monster Movies 東宝怪獣映画海外版大研究
  • Character File [Mechs (Earth) Section] (p. 173)
  • Character File [Mechs (Space) Section] (p. 201)
  • Index (p. 207)
  • Contents (p. 209)
  • Book credits (end of the book)


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