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Author(s) Dav Pilkey
Publisher Harcourt, Inc.
Publish date September 29, 1993[1]
Genre Children's picture book
ISBN ISBN-10: 0152049495
ISBN-13: 978-0152049492
The dreaded Dogzilla is on the loose! Can the residents of Mousopolis get rid of this colossal canine before it's too late?

Dogzilla is a 1993 children's picture book made by Dav Pilkey. The book is a parody of Godzilla.


Dogzilla was written by Dav Pilkey and was published on September 29, 1993 by Harcourt, Inc. (then known as HMH Books). The book's color images were manipulated photographic collages, retouched with acrylic paint. It is 32 pages long.


The inspiration for Dogzilla came one day when I was at a friend's house watching one of my favorite movies, Godzilla vs. Megalon. My friend's son, Nate, was sitting on the floor building a castle out of Lego. Everything was fine until Nate let his dog, Leia, into the house. Leia came charging into the room and smashed right through the Lego castle. With the mass of little Lego blocks and action figures scattered around her, Leia looked like a silly monster who had just rampaged a city. 'I should write a book about that,' I said. So I did.

— Dav Pilkey[2]


It's time for Mousopolis's First Annual Barbecue Cook-Off. But just when the fun is about to begin, the irresistible aroma of barbecue sauce awakens the most frightening creature known to mousekind: the dreaded Dogzilla. As her horrible doggy breath fills the streets, the residents of Mousopolis must run for their lives. Can they get rid of that big stinky dog before it's too late?


It is summer, and the city of Mousopolis is holding its First Annual Barbecue Cook-Off, but the scent of barbecue sauce awakens Dogzilla, who emerges from a volcano. Soldiers, led by the Big Cheese, were dispatched to fight Dogzilla. However, Dogzilla used its doggy breath to repel the mice. Forced to retreat, the mice unknowingly lure Dogzilla to Mousopolis.

Dogzilla terrorizes the city by engaging in normal and stereotypical canine behavior which has an exaggerated effect. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese meets with Professor Scarlett O'Hairy, who concludes that Dogzilla is a creature with origins dating back to millions of years ago. The Professor and the Big Cheese then come up with a plan to drive off Dogzilla.

The mice assembled in the center of Mousopolis and blasted Dogzilla with water. "It's BATHTIME!" Dogzilla ran off, went into the volcano (as it hated baths), and never returned. In a year's time, Mousopolis was rebuilt for the Second Annual Barbecue Cook-Off. All seems peaceful; however, something unexpected happens: Dogzilla's puppies emerge from the volcano.




  • The Big Cheese (Flash)
  • Professor Scarlett O'Hairy (Rabies)
  • Soldier Guy (Dwayne)



  • This book was dedicated to John "The Rapper" Wills, the original creator of Dav Plikey's website,[2]
  • Pilkey went to a farm in Mentor, Ohio called "Kennebec Cardigan Welsh Corgis" and took pictures of Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies there to use for the final page of Dogzilla.[4]

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