Godzilla Complete Battle Book

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Godzilla Complete Battle Book
Godzilla Complete Battle Book
Publisher Shogakukan
Publish date January 1, 2000
Genre Children's Picture Book
ISBN ISBN-10: 4097506439
ISBN-13: 978-4097506430

Godzilla Complete Battle Book (ゴジラ全決戦図鑑) is a 2000 children's informational book.


The 39-page book is the 3rd entry in the Hero Super Encyclopedia series (ヒーロー超ひゃっか) and was published by Shogakukan on January 1, 2000. Read from right to left, it contains general information on the Godzilla franchise.


"1954年の登場以来、圧倒的人気をもつゴジラ。その初代ゴジラから、今年公開される「ゴジラ ミレニアム」のゴジラまで、ゴジラの戦いの歴史が全部わかる絵本。これ一冊でゴジラのことはすべてわかる!"[1]


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