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Konga #3
Cover art of issue #3
Art by Steve Ditko
Edits by Pat Marsulli
Charlton Comics

The third issue of Konga was published by Charlton Comics in October of 1961. It features two comics—a main adventure starring Konga and a backup story called "The Rulers"—and a short story titled "To Be or Not to Be...".



During a massive storm on the sea, Bob and Sandra were forced to leave Konga behind, as a volcanic eruption sank the island they had brought him to under the sea before flying away with the rescue crew to Australia. Sandra lamented his loss, while Bob reasoned that it was for the best. As they flew, they passed over another island off the coast of New Zealand which the remnants of the storm were just reaching. The natives there prayed to their ancient idol of their sea monster god, and the storm quickly dissipated. Thankful for their god's blessing, they began to prepare trade goods for their annual supply run to the mainland. At their usual trading post, manned by two Frenchmen, it was discovered that the metal used in their bracelets was rich in uranium, instantly intriguing the shopkeepers. The chief forbade them from visiting his people's island, as it had been forbidden since ancient times, but the crafty traders instantly began planning to violate this doctrine. Elsewhere in the sea on a luxury yacht, Lila Marks was displeased with her husband John's lack of initiative in navigation, which he preferred to leave to his hired captain, Mr. Nesbit. She lamented his lack of masculinity to the captain, who insinuated that she had only married him for his wealth, and was now falling in love with he himself. Just as the chief arrived back on the island, Konga strode out of the ocean, having been carried by the tides to the island, and hurried to the jungle for food and water. The natives believed him to be a god, and began preparing feasts and a spectacular sacrifice for him. By cover of night, the French shopkeepers Jules and Cordeau arrived with a Geiger counter in search of the island's uranium. Konga sulked around the jungle, sorely missing Sandra and annoyed by the natives' celebration. The fire from the festivities alerted Captain Nesbit, who intended to stop at the island for fresh water. John, however, was wary of the natives, to the scorn and annoyance of his fellows. As they neared the shore in a landing boat, Jules and Cordeau took notice, and asked to confiscate it at gunpoint. With a new storm brewing, the natives searched for a sacrifice worthy of their mighty god. Nesbit immediately betrayed his clients and offered to navigate the yacht for the gunmen in exchange for a cut of the uranium profits. John promptly decked the man for his cowardice, earning him the respect of his wife. The natives were drawn to the commotion, and the shopkeepers fled for the yacht, leaving Mr. and Mrs. Marks to be sacrificed.

The ritual began with the Marks tied to posts before a great effigy of the native sea monster god. Konga began making his way toward the ruckus as the true god of the island, a massive sea serpent, arose from the water, destroying the escaping yacht in the process. Lila reminded Konga of Sandra, and so he opted to protect her. He met the beast in the shallows, where the storm subsided as they did battle. Eventually, Konga wrapped his arms around the creature and was able to break its neck. Preparing for death, the Marks were surprised when Konga freed them. Seeing this, the chief understood the will of the god to be for the two to go free, and arranged for his warriors to ferry them ashore. The two agreed not to tell anyone of the uranium, the island, or Konga himself, allowing him to live as a god, away from "civilization".

"The Rulers"

"The Rulers" is a four-page backup story chronicling the history of life on planet Earth, beginning in prehistory and the formation of the planet, through single-celled life followed by depictions of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life battling for supremacy, before ending by pondering what shall replace humanity.


Konga story



  • Bob
  • Sandra
  • John Marks
  • Lila Marks
  • Captain Nesbit
  • Chief
  • Jules
  • Cordeau

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Geiger counter


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