Kong of Skull Island #1

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Kong of Skull Island
Issue #1
Issue #2
Kong of Skull Island #1
Cover A of issue #1 by Felipe Massafera
Story by James Asmus
Written by James Asmus
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Brad Simpson
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Edits by Dafna Pleban
Sales 10,886[1]
BOOM! Studios
Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #1 is a comic book by BOOM! Studios. It was released in July 2016.


In the homeland of the monotheistic Tagu and polytheistic Atu peoples, each year a ceremony is held in which the Tagu and the Atu battle gargantuan apes called the Kong to win the favor of their gods, and to allow them to be granted protection through the Kongs. The head Kong Trainer of the Tagu people, Ewata, competes fiercely until her final Kong Fer'rah sees the Great Mouth, a volcano on the island, begin to spout smoke and cause a minor earthquake. Ewata calms Fer'rah with a scent trigger, and in doing so forfeits the competition. While treating Fer'rah after the battle, Ewata's fiancee, Prince K'reti, comes to see her. He is quickly called away by the Usana, the daughter of the Atu Shaman V'drell, who tells him their fathers them at the Great Mouth. K'reti went to see them, and Usana criticized Ewata's Kong training methods of mutual respect, and endorsed the Atu way of training through fear. Ewata then goes to the ships where the Tagu Kong are being loaded to search for grazing grounds, as per an ancient agreement between the Tagu and Atu, whose Kong grazed on the island, she encountered her cousin Sani, the Storyteller. As they speak, they are interrupted by the Atu Kong trainer Gret, who insults the Tagu ancestry, angering a Tagu Kong trainer called Mbeti. At the Great Mouth, K'reti is informed that the Atu scholars have deduced that the volcano will erupt shortly, and they ask for the use of the Tagu boats to escape the island. Not appreciating the prospect of having their boats mooched off of by the Atu, who have never had to sail, tensions rise between the leaders before Usana reminds them that both tribes are of the same blood, and are thus one people. In celebration of their newfound agreement to share the boats to escape the island, the Taanged a marriage between K'reti and Usana. At sea, after veering off course in a fog, Ewata is awakened by a need to vomit, and she is called to the cabin, where it is revealed to her that they have drifted to Skull Island. Ewata informs the crew that Skull Island is a legendary island of great horrors, as accounted by feverish and wounded travelers who have survived it. Not deeming their accounts credible, Ewata urges them to go ashore to let the Kong graze. Before they make ground, they are attacked by five gargantuan Pteranodons. Back on the island, K'reti and Usana prepared for their wedding.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Tagu Kong
  • Atu Kong






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