Rampage Godzilla

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Rampage Godzilla
Cover pages of Rampage Godzilla as seen in Godzilla Manga Collection 1954-58
Author(s) Shigeru Sugiura
Publisher Shueisha
Publish date June 1955

Rampage Godzilla (大あばれゴジラ,   Ōabare Gojira) is a manga illustrated by Shigeru Sugiura and published by Shueisha in the June 1955 issue of "Fun Book" (おもしろブック,   Omoshiro Bukku), which would later be known as "Boys' Book" (少年ブック,   Shōnen Bukku) starting in 1958. It was reprinted in 2014 in Godzilla Manga Collection 1954-58.


Godzilla wants to become a professional wrestler and so challenges five newcomers: Anguirus, Gyottos, Sugon, Zottos, and Osoros.





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