Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #10

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #9
Issue #10
Issue #11
"No Place Like Home"
Cover A of issue #10 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,677[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"No Place Like Home" is the tenth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on March 26, 2014.


With many monsters now inhabiting a new home, peace seemingly descends on Earth. Little does humanity realize that the greatest danger now lurks under the waves! Lucy and the Kaiju Watchers will have to act fast to determine the nature of the new threat!


Near the Coral Sea in the Pacific Ocean, a sperm whale is seen diving into the water as it spots Godzilla, who attempts to hunt it. The whale gets away and the King of the Monsters, tired from pursuing Titanosaurus, Gezora, and Manda and losing their trail, decides to rest for a bit. However, he notices Sanda at the surface, who's been adrift for days trying to follow his brother Gaira and has weakened due the strong ocean currents. Gaira found him several hours earlier and attacked him with a battleship before pursuing his brother. The two Gargantuas have since arrived in Brisbane Australia with Godzilla in hot pursuit. Back in present day on board the USS Simon, Lucy meets with Steven Woods and tells him that the doctor has cleared her for a meeting, but she wanted to thank him for rescuing her earlier, saying that Professor Keji Ando considered it a miracle that he found her. Woods simply says he was in the right place at the right time, with Lucy joking that they seem to be having a lot of those with Honolulu, Las Vegas, and China, and that they've been finding a lot of Kaiju recently. Woods tells her that he's read her report and that she has "one heck of an imagination", but it makes sense with what she's told about the planet's balance. Lucy tells him that what she was with the Shobijin and Mothra was real, or as real as a dream can be. The room's intercom tells Lucy to report to the breifing room in five minutes. Lucy again sends Woods her thanks and states that she's looking forward to working with him. She then jokes about how the coffee he's having will "stain his cute smile", causing Woods to spit it out in surprise as the young woman tells him that she'll see him in a few hours. In the USS Simon lower deck's briefing room, Professor Ando tells the world leaders that he approves of the islands discovered during the battle with Biollante as a suitable relocation area for the monsters. Dr. Allison adds that they're ready to send a survey team in. It'll take a global effort, but Allison agrees that it's the best option for them. For them, it could be a prison. but for the monsters, it could be home. When asked if Jet Jaguar can relocate the Kaiju, Dr. Yumi Negata tells the world leaders that he's still inactive, and she suggests using MOGUERA and Mechagodzilla instead. When asked what other options they have, Allison states that transport in the past was done via multiple transport aircraft when the monsters are unconscious or asleep. The US spokesman tells them that he'll get an action plan on the president's desk before asking if they had a name for this island chain. Allison tells them that the chain will be called the "Monster Islands." Back in Brisbane, Sanda is surrounded by the local armed forces.

On the USS Simon's deck, Woods tells the megazoologists that aerial recon has shown that the main island is now stable. Biollante was burned up and her spores entered the atmosphere, but his team will check the main island for any traces of her. From there, they'll island hop and see what else is in the archipelago. Suddenly, Allison runs up to Woods and tells the group that there's been a change of plans, as Sanda has been contained in Australia and that Woods's team needs to go in and stabilize the situation. The island surveying is still approved, but Woods and the Seekers will be heading up the transfer. Ando's group will be have a marine escort and aerial support to keep them safe. Lucy asks Allison what color the monster was as she saw two of them in China, and the doctor says that it was described as "brown". He asks the young woman if Gaira's also out there. Lucy says that she set Gaira free and feels like it's her responsibility to go despite Ando's protests. On the military transport, Woods tells Lucy that she needs to do exactly what he and his team say. Lucy notices the new guns and asks what they are, to which Woods replies that they're modified rifles that shoot concentrated soundwaves. Lucy wonders if those will work on the Gargantuas, to which Woods says that they will and asks about Gaira's fight with Rodan and Varan. When Lucy corrects him and states that it was Gaira and Rodan who fought Varan. Woods remarks that he has no idea how Lucy can remember so many names, to which she replies that she admires them and asks why else she would've gotten into all of this. Woods acknowledges this and calls her "kiddo", much to her confusion. He explains that Lucy reminds her a lot of someone he knew. He says Lucy would be her twin if he ever saw her using a giant robot to punch Godzilla.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, Gaira comes ashore and is fired on by the military. Sanda, not wanting Gaira to retaliate and hurt the humans, tries to push the tanks aside. Sanda is abruptly tackled by Gaira, barely avoiding a blast of atomic breath. As the Gargantuas turn around, they witness Godzilla rise from the ocean. As Gaira helps Sanda to his feet, the military fires at Godzilla but are quickly dispatched by his atomic breath. Woods contacts command, asking when MOGUERA will arrive. He states that if the ADF can keep Godzilla busy, they'll take care of the Gargantuas. He briefs his team on the situation and tells Lucy that they'll need a hand in keeping the Gargantuas away from Godzilla. Lucy acknowledges this as Woods tells the rest of the team to get ready. As the Gargantuas move further inland, the military opens fire on them. Gaira retaliates by smashing a tank, and Sanda desperately tries to stop him. Gaira punches Sanda aside, but before Sanda can fight back, Godzilla appears behind them both. The Gargantuas dodge a blast of atomic breath before Gaira bites into Godzilla's arm. When the larger monster punches Gaira in the face, Sanda respondes in kind and the two tackle him into a building. Gaira again bites into Godzilla's arm as the King of Monsters prepares another blast. However, before he can fire it, Sanda and Gaira punch and slash at Godzilla's face respectively, with the latter opening a large gash on his cheek. Godzilla throws Sanda into a building before stomping Gaira into the ground. As Gaira tries to prevent Godzilla from stomping him again, Woods exclaims that the King of Monsters will kill the two if he keeps up the attack. Lucy suggests firing the sonic guns all at once to make Godzilla leave. Woods reluctantly agrees and orders for his team to open fire. The sonic blast distracts him long enough for Sanda to topple a skyscraper onto him as the brown Gargantua dodges another atomic breath blast. Godzilla breaks free and knocks Gaira aside with his tail. Woods's team fires their sonic blasters at Godzilla again while Sanda grabs an oil truck and slams it into the King of Monsters, blinding him and lighting his face on fire. As Sanda checks up on Gaira, Godzilla finally heads into the ocean and puts out the fire on his face.

When Woods asks how fire could actually hurt Godzilla, Lucy theorizes that the gash on his face might've had something to do with it. She celebrates the team's victory as no monsters were killed and the Gargantuas can still be transported to the Monster Islands. Woods agrees and gives Lucy a fistbump before telling her that a chemical team is coming in to help them sleep off the trip to the island. Lucy jokes that Woods will have to start learning their names before being given a gas mask. Chavez congratulates Lucy on the idea to move Godzilla away from the Gargantuas, but tells Woods and the rest of the team that they need to hurry in case Godzilla returns for a rematch. A short time later, in the USS Simon, Dr. Allison tells Woods that Ando's team will be waiting on the islands to receive the monsters. Woods tells him that they're lifting off at the moment and that the gas will wear off within an hour or two after they land, so the boats need to the first line of defense in case they try to escape. Allison points out that Godzilla's appearance was unexpected, but he might be looking for something given the pattern of sightings in that part of the world. Woods remarks that Lucy might be right about what the Shobijin told her, with Allison stating that they agree with her. The sonic guns were effective, so they'll have to be modified for underwater use to drive the sea monsters back to where they came from. He notes that this is the part of Lucy's theory that caught his attention the most, as someone or something must've caused the kaiju to start appearing in the ocean. Meanwhile, off the coast of San Diego, a Devonian climbs onto a fishing boat and assures the couple on it that he means no harm to their kind, but he must warn Earth's leaders about his race's plans.



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