Konga issue 23

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Konga #23
Cover of issue 23
Written by Joe Gill
Cover by Pat Masulli (pencils) and Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio (inks)
Pencils by Bill Montes (Konga), Bill Molno (Back-up stories)[1]
Inks by Ernie Bache
Charlton Comics

The Creature of Uuang-Ni is the 23rd issue of Konga, published by Charlton Comics in November, 1965. It features 4 comics, a main adventure starring Konga , and 3 back-up stories, The Seance. Co-Pilot, and The Toy, alongside a short story placed between pages 12 and 14 titled "Dictator of the World".


The Creature of Uuang-Ni

A group of pacific islanders were fleeing there island "Uuang-Ni" in a canoe, which was caught up in a storm, in the storm, a wave throws the canoe but luckily, they were not alone in the storm and Konga catches the boat in his hand. The people thank him and start rowing away as the storm is gone, and Konga swims to an volcanic island, Uuang-Ni, when he investigated the empty village, he heard a rumble coming from the volcano climbed up to investigate and when he took a look, a monster emerged from it and approached Konga, paralyzing him with fear. The creature roared and shot fire from his jaws at Konga, setting his eyebrows on fire, Konga stood there in fear as the monster prepared to attack him once more and Konga covered his eyes, but then he summoned all his courage and struck the monster and after a brief stare-off Konga fled the volcano, all of this unfolded as a Melanesian girl name Iela watched from afar, she tried to run from the destruction and tripped but luckily Konga saved her and walked into the water. Just a few miles away, Iela told Konga that she refused to leave the island because of a prophecy stating that the volcano would erupt when their Gods are angry and a dragon would emerge-and when all hope seems lost a prince would defeat the dragon, she starts talking in a downer note but Konga brings her with him to the island to fight off the threat.

Meanwhile on a nearby island, the Chief of a evacuated people talks with a man to reassure if all his people are safe, in respoce to this, the Chief said that Ilea, the Dreamer refused to leave the island because she believed in a legend and would often run around telling it to people, the Chief was asked about the "legend" and he said when the volcano erupts, fire-breathing dragons would emerge, he also said in a romanticized version of it, a prince would vanquish the dragons and soothe the Gods in the volcano, the Chief and the co-pilot enter the biplane and it sets course for Uuang-Ni to see the damage that has been done. The fire dragon, for the first time was liberated from the volcano and with it came another fire dragon, the first dragon sets foot in the village and burns the house that Iela's parents lived in, enraged, Konga pounded his chest and roared, in response, the dragon roared back and they engaged in combat, the dragons hot breaths seared Konga's eyes, eventually, Konga pushed the dragon near a surf, Konga took severe damage from the damage but then jumped in the nearby water and pulled the dragon in, he choked the dragon under water and then punched it multiple times, killing it while Iela congratulated him.

Konga walked pass the burning village and up the fiery mountain to confront the second dragon, they fought each other near the center of the volcano and then they toppled on the side of it, while the biplane flew towards them, the Chief stated that that was the fire-breathing dragon from legend and when he asked about the great monkey, Skipper, the pilot, answered that it was Konga. As the plane was flying towards the 2 giants, the co-pilot pulled out a rifle to shoot the dragon but they had to turn away because the dragon's breath, the plane turned back Konga was beat senseless, Skipper was told to turn back but he could not do it fast enough and the dragon was about to burn it, but just as the plane was about to perish to the fire dragon, Konga punched the beast and threw him into the volcano, retreated back into the fiery depths, and Iela waited for the outcome and Konga emerged the victor. Konga carried her to water and the biplane arrived to pick her up as she said the prophecy was not wrong after all, as the plane flew away, Konga swam slowly, as he is still trying to find companionship and love from the human race.

Dictator of the World

During the end of a war, General John stated that their nation seems almost powerless against the enemy and that at the end of the week it would not make sense for only a single man to remain, so he lets Mr, Walter Pearson to speak, he states that they are desperate to end this war and that they should let Dr. Morton Beins, a physiologists, to be leader of the entire world. He announces that for now on, Dr, Morton Beins will be the master of the world while the narrator recognizes Morton as his teacher from high school, at first he will give orders to their country, with a example being dumping all weapons away. A elderly man walks and with a smile, welcoming Dr. Morton Beins as the master of the world, he gives a speech about how him ruling the world will benefit them, but in the end, he states that it was not for peace, and that he will mind control everyone so no one will appose him and he shall rule the world.

The Seance

"The Seance" is a non-fiction informational comic about "The Seance" a game in which people sit around a table and attempt to communicate with spirits, the comic also mentions the Ouija Board, the comic ends with a note that the subject of ghost was always a interesting one.


In a space ship the co-pilot, a man named Bower starts contemplating about how he will take over the ship and escalates to how he will take over the world as the main pilot plays along with it. After the space ship lands, Colonel (the main pilot) tells the workers to send Bower, who was a experimental robot, back to the lab because he was the third one to go berserk.

The Toy

2 space ships were battling in outer space for hours, the green one attemps to hit the white one but misses, then, a woman tells 2 kids to go eat their dinner, it is revealed that the space ships were just toys 2 boys were playing with and the woman was their mother.





  • Melanesian Chief
  • Iela
  • Co-pilot
  • Skipper

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Melanesians
  • Bi-plane


  • Uuang-Ni


  • While in the cover, a Fire dragon shoots flames out of his nose, in the comic, they shoot fire from their mouths and smoke from their noses.
  • The creatures of Uuang-Ni or "Fire dragons" share some similarities to Rodan, like how they are a pair of reptiles living in a volcano.
  • The fire dragons body share a similar build to that of Reptilicus/Reptisaurus, Gorgo, and his mother in the later issues of their respective comic series.

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