Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #4

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Issue #4
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Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #4
Cover A of issue #4 by Inaki Miranda
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Inaki Miranda
Cover by
  • Inaki Miranda (CVR A)
  • Tyler Kirkham (CVR B/RI)
  • Scott Godlewski (CVR RI)
Colors by Eva de la Cruz
Letters by Nathan Widick
Edits by Jamie S. Rich
Design by Nathan Widick
Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons

Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #4 is a comic book from IDW Publishing. It was published on October 4, 2023.[1]


AVAST, MATEYS! As One-Eyed Henry Hull continues his bizarre tale, Sir Francis Drake and his men find themselves surrounded by monsters, both human and kaiju! While the crew of the Golden Hind have taken terrible losses from giant bats and colossal sea turtles, they’ve yet to face the REAL dragon. But they might not need to worry about Godzilla if Ebirah slays the King of Monster Island—or Drake and his crew—first!


In the deserted Temple of Godzilla and neighboring village, Sir Francis Drake and his crew learned Godzilla's name and viewing carvings of his battles with Titanosaurus, King Caesar, and Oodako. When Ebirah passed through the area, as he often did, they threw dynamite at him to bait him into chasing them. In the present, Sir Francis Walsingham plies "One-Eyed" Henry Hull with more wine, causing Boggs to grumble. He explains that the dynamite came from Yanes's ship. After they set it off, Drake and his men fled to Godzilla's cave, where the King of the Monsters angrily emerged to battle Ebirah. Godzilla caught Ebirah's claw, headbutted him, and threw him to the ground, but Ebirah countered by picking him up and dragging him into the water, where the crustacean had the advantage. Drake led his men through the cave, finding a painting of Godzilla on a wall which perfectly matched the image on the coin he obtained, a detail which intrigues Walsingham. The pirates removed off-color rocks beneath the painting, revealing Yanes's treasures, but their celebration was interrupted by Captain Cortez Blanco, who stabbed and shot several of them, ready to take revenge on Drake. Meanwhile, Godzilla quickly regained the advantage against Ebirah, tearing off his larger claw and beating him with it. Before he could finish him off with atomic breath, however, Oodako snared him with its tentacles and pulled him back underwater.




  • "One-Eyed" Henry Hull
  • Sir Francis Walsingham
  • Boggs
  • Sir Francis Drake (flashback)
  • Captain Cortez Blanco (flashback)
  • Martin Yanes (mentioned)

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Martin Yanes' ship (flashback)




  • Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #4 marks the Giant Octopus's first appearance in an IDW Publishing comic. Unusually, it is called "Oodako", a common fan name which is the romaji rendering of its Japanese name.


This is a list of references for Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons issue 4. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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