Kong: The Great War #2

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Kong: The Great War #2
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"Chapter II: The Swamp"
Cover A of Kong: The Great War #2 by Jae Lee
Written by Alex Cox
Art by Tommasso Bianchi
Cover by
  • Jae Lee (CVR A)
  • Jackson Guice (CVR B)
  • Joe DeVito (CVR C)
Colors by James Devlin
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Edits by Matt Idelson
Kong: The Great War
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"Chapter II: The Swamp"[a] is the second issue of Dynamite Entertainment's Kong: The Great War. It was published on July 5, 2023.[1]


The men of U-184 have survived one night on the island...but the casualties mount with relentless fury, as more beasts from the annals of pre-history wreak terror on the modern world! Acclaimed author ALEX COX and international sensation TOMASSO BIANCHI bring us a vision of violence and survival in a savage world forgotten by time - where the only rule is fear, and the only law is given by Kong![1]


The captain of the Imperial submarine U-184 continues to lead his men up the cliff face from the beach of Skull Island. At the top he asks a sailor named Werner to estimate the distance to a mountain on the horizon. With an estimate of two days, he keeps the company marching. Determined to keep order and morale among the troops, the captain keeps them moving into a swamp, where a sailor named Heinrich scouts ahead, and is quickly attacked, drowned, and eaten by a creature with insectoid legs beneath the water's surface. The rest of the crew can only watch stunned as it happens. The captain questions if it would have been better that his men accidentally shoot the man while trying to hit the creature, if only to give him a quick death, and mobilizes the troops, assuring them that nothing could have been done. They then discover that they are in the center of a much larger mass of legs like the one that took Heinrich. The soldiers shoot and chop at the legs until the captain calls a cease fire to listen to the sound of an approaching stampeded. He orders everyone down before a group of nine bipedal dinosaurs approach them. The captain and most of the party keep their heads down to let the beasts pass overhead, but Lieutenant Meyer, previously a boy of fine taste from a wealthy family, is able to beat them all back using a wrench. While the captain is thankful that the "berserker" in him has awoken, he understands that the old Meyer is gone, and replaced by "the savage." They keep moving, regretting their survival, toward the mountain and suddenly stumble as a thunderous sound shakes the air and earth. One of the sailors recognizes it as the footstep of the creature the captain had seen the night before. He proclaims it shall be avoided, and they continue their push through the jungle until nightfall. The captain asks Werner, a wizened seaman, if he has ever experienced anything like the island. Werner admits that he has not, and that the world is full of such devastating wonders. The sailor Roland then discovers a fallen log with a hollow underneath it, and suggests they camp there for the night. The captain stokes the fire, hoping that they have seen the last of the giant creature. A sailor keeping watch atop the log sees that the survivors are camping in one of its footprints.




  • Captain
  • Werner
  • Heinrich
  • Meyer
  • Roland
  • Hugo

Vehicles, weapons, and races

  • Imperial submarine U-184



  • In the list of fantastic creatures Werner has seen, he mentions "sea-beasts that walk on their back legs like a man, taller than a ship's mast," a possible reference to Godzilla.


  1. Written as "Chapter Two" on the title page.


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