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Species Dromaeosaurus descendant
Height 25-30 feetKoSI
Relations Gaw (leader)
Allies Gaw, Ghost
Enemies Valla, Ewata, King Kong, Kong's father, Kong's mother, Triceratops
Created by Joe DeVito, Brad Strickland,
James Asmus
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: King of Skull Island Kong of Skull Island #12

Deathrunners are a fictional species of dromaeosaurid dinosaurs native to Skull Island. They appear in the 2005 novel Kong: King of Skull Island and comic book series Kong of Skull Island. These fierce and intelligent hunters are lead by the giant, female deathrunner, Gaw.


Deathrunners appear to be descended from Dromaeosauridae. Their bodies were covered in reddish-orange scales and they had manes of similarly colored hairlike feathers. As Gaw lacked a mane it is possible that it was a factor of sexual dimorphism. Several Deathrunners had either horns or horn-like protrusions on the tips of their noses. They had three toes on their feet and three fingers on their hands.


Kong: King of Skull Island

The Deathrunners were the dominant species on Skull Island, with their leader Gaw worshiped by the native humans as a god. One day the Deathrunners came into conflict with two adult Kongs protecting their baby. The fight eventually ended with Gaw killing the parents, leaving their corpses to be scavenged by Meat-Eaters and causing the orphaned Kong to believe that the Meat-Eaters had killed them instead. Years later the now-adult Kong fought against the Deathrunners and ultimately defeated Gaw, replacing her as the god and ruler of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

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