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Gudrun in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Icelandic
Occupation Viking explorer
First appearance Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special

Gudrun is an Icelandic viking explorer bent on the exploitation of Skull Island who serves as the main character in the 2018 special issue of the comic series Kong of Skull Island. While she is the protagonist, she can be seen as the villain of the series due to her arrogance and lack of concern for her subordinates.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special

When Gudrun first traveled to "Andlátland" with her husband and a crew of other vikings, she was in awe of the place until enormous quadruped reptiles appeared and attacked the party. Gudrun flew fearlessly into battle and stabbed out one of the creatures' eyes before watching her husband get devoured. She screamed and was then grabbed by a gargantuan ape. She stabbed the beast's thumb and he dropped her. She then ordered a retreat and the expedition was able to flee the island.

Three years later, Gudrun returned with a new crew, and was more prepared to face the horrors of the island. They set up a camp on the shore immediately on arrival and were quickly assailed by a new species of quadruped predator. Luckily, Gudrun had come prepared, and fashioned an enormous spear she dubbed the "Big Girl" which she drove through the jaws of the creature, killing it. However, the commotion attracted the ape again. Gudrun, suspecting it to be the same one she had met three years prior, politely informed him that she didn't need rescuing, and he lumbered back into the jungle. However, in time she began to more readily accept his help and established trade with the native population who informed her that the ape was called "Kong", and urged her not to become reliant on his aid. Over the years they sent more riches home and got more men, and Gudrun became hellbent on conquering the entirety of Andlátland and let her concerns for the life and wellbeing of her crew fall by the wayside. She killed the lizard attacking Kong with her axe, but then ordered a retreat, entrusting Kong with the killing of the rest of the reptiles. That night, a man called Dagr came to her tent and accused her of letting her affection to the Kong get in the way of her responsibilities to her people. The next day Dagr mutinied her and voiced his intentions to go home. Gudrun reaffirmed that they would go home when the island was conquered, and believed that the mutineers had forgotten about Kong, who came out of the jungle to defend her. Gudrun was then forced to watch as they attacked him with arrows and hooks. The Kong fought back, and nearly got free, but Dagr was able to incapacitate the beast with his axe. Gudrun then broke free and ran into the jungle. Dagr sent two men after her, and she cut off their heads and posted them on spears on the shore, and set the ships on fire, creating a trap to draw the reptile predators to the beach, a trap she devised to kill her mutineers.

After this, Gudrun was able to make a home on the island, and maintained contact with the natives, and was able to nurse the now one-armed Kong back to health. Ultimately, Gudrun lived into old age, and died white-haired in the remaining palm of her Kong companion.


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