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Ghost in Kong of Skull Island
Alternate names Gaw, Feral Kong
Species Kong
Relations Kid Kong (Son)
Allies Deathrunners
Enemies Deathrunners,Valla
Created by James Asmus
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong of Skull Island #7 Kong of Skull Island #12
For other individuals that have assumed the title of Gaw, see Gaw.
The violence--chaos-- of this place took several of our Kong. Ones who ran into rustling trees and never returned. Some fell, I assume, to the demons, but others surrendered to becoming demons themselves. Some days we would spot them during expeditions. But in the last year only one has been seen. Either the others have become better at hiding, or she is the only one vicious enough to survive. Or maybe... the thing that remains is a ghost. An unholy shroud of a beast that died here, but walks, eternally hungry for more pain and violence.

Aguul on Ghost's origin in Issue 8.

Ghost is a feral Kong created by BOOM! Studios that first appeared in issue #7 of the 2016 comic series, Kong of Skull Island.


While Ghost's given name is unknown, the name Ghost comes from a legend that came up around her existence suggesting that she is not a physical being, but the ghost of a Kong that had died on Skull Island. When Ghost becomes the leader of the Deathrunners, they refer to her as Gaw, a name given to whichever creature currently rules them.


Ghost is, like any other Kong, an enormous gorilla-like ape, but she bears the distinction of having an incredible amount of scars covering her body, and has a scar over her right eye, because of which she is blind in her right eye.


Ghost was one of the many Kong that came from the unnamed home of the Tagu and Atu peoples to Skull Island. It is likely that she was one of the Tagu Kong, as the Atu Kong that had been raised to fear humans began to rampage when their enclosures broke during the earthquake that necessitated their egress. After arriving on Skull Island, Ghost was one of the Kong sent into the jungle on a supply mission that became feral on entering the harsh environment of the jungle. While she was not the only Kong to do so, she was the only one to ever be seen again after escaping, suggesting that she was the only one savage enough to survive. However, she was not immediately rendered the scarred and bloodthirsty beast she became. After disappearing into the jungle, at some point she was found by Aguul and his followers, who attempted to enrage her with scent triggers in hopes that she would attack the city and convince the Taguatu that the Kong were dangerous. However, the mixture they planted next to her sleeping body proved to induce madness. In the ensuing frenzy she caught and devoured one of Aguul's party.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #7

While returning from a hunt with a Deathrunner in hand, Ghost noticed another Kong, called Valla, in her cave with her son Kid Kong, and quickly grabbed her son by the arm and took him away from her before attacking.

Kong of Skull Island #8

Ghost attacked Valla with a bone from a dead Kong in her lair, which may be the remains of Kid's father, and used it as a weapon against the intruder. During their battle, Valla became concerned that Kid, whom she referred to as K'in, had disappeared, and noticed that he had been taken by giant Pteranodons, while Ghost simply wished to kill Valla. Valla rescued Kid, and Ghost pursued them through the jungle before falling into a faulty mine tunnel beneath her feet. She was left for dead, but was found by the Deathrunners.

Kong of Skull Island #9

After surviving her encounter with Valla and becoming the new Gaw, Ghost returned to her life in the jungle, and on one occasion discovered a man there and brutally murdered him.

Kong of Skull Island #10

While in the jungles with her Deathrunners, Ghost became aware of a scent that attracted her to an altar at a citadel, which she and her followers invaded and accepted the sacrifice of princess K'vanni of the Tagu-Atu people.

Kong of Skull Island #11

In a revelation of Ghost's origin, she is shown to have lived in the wilderness unscathed for an unknown amount of time before Aguul tested scent triggers on her that turned her mad. After taking K'vanni back to her lair, the Deathrunners were eager to devour her, but Ghost swept them aside to keep her alive.

Kong of Skull Island #12

After taking K'vanni, Ghost kept her in a small cage made of bones stuck in the ground. She and her Deathrunners were eventually approached by Kid, who had been raised alongside K'vanni after Valla had taken him away from Ghost. He attacked the Deathrunners to save his friend, and tackled Ghost onto the bone cage, which impaled her on the spikes they formed and killed her.



While she had no part in eliminating the previous Gaw and the Deathrunners would have accepted the commands of any Kong, Ghost was the only one to ever become aware of and use this power, making her their new leader, Gaw. This grants her the ability to command every Deathrunner on the island.

Physical Strength

Ghost, like the other members of her species, has incredible physical strength, and is able to take down the Skull Island dinosaurs with only her hands.



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