Biollante-King Ghidorah hybrid

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Biollante-King Ghidorah hybrid
The Biollante-King Ghidorah hybrid in The Godzilla Comic Raids Again
Species King Ghidorah-like Biollante transformation
Forms Biollante
Enemies King Ghidorah
First appearance The Godzilla Comic Raids Again

An unnamed hybrid of Biollante and King Ghidorah appeared in the 1992 manga The Godzilla Comic Raids Again.


The Godzilla Comic Raids Again

A group of Futurians propose a plan to the humans to rid the world of Godzilla. Right when they gain the humans' trust, they reveal themselves to be disguised Xiliens who want to take over the world using King Ghidorah. King Ghidorah begins to fly to Earth but is stopped by Biollante, who is living in space debris. During the battle between them, King Ghidorah strikes Biollante with his gravity beams. Biollante absorbs the essence of the beams' power and then becomes a plant-like King Ghidorah clone, although, even with Biollante's enhancements, she is still defeated.



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