Red Ronin

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Red Ronin
Red Ronin in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition #7
Alternate names SJ3RX, Red Ronan
Species Piloted mech
Height 102 feet, 4 inches[1]
Weight 23.5 tons[1]
Width 30 feet, 6 inches (overall)[1]
32 feet (short axis)[1]
Other stats Max. running speed: 45 mp/h,[1]
Lift capacity: 30 tons,[1]
7 tons (at arms' length)[1]
Allies Godzilla
Enemies Godzilla, Yetrigar, Triax, Rhiahn, Krollar
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla, King of
the Monsters
Dark Reign: Zodiac #3

Red Ronin is a giant samurai mecha created by Marvel Comics that first appeared in issue #6 of the 1977-1979 Marvel comic book series Godzilla.



Red Ronin, known at the time under the alias "SJ3RX," was originally designed by scientist Yuriko Takiguchi, and developed with assistance from engineer Tamara Hashioka and technicians from Stark International. The colossal mecha was originally built with the intention of being sent to S.H.I.E.L.D., for use against Godzilla. This all changed, however, when it was stolen by Dr. Takiguchi's 12-year-old grandson Rob, who ultimately bestowed the name Red Ronin upon the machine. After a failed attempt to control the robot, Rob eventually succeeded in piloting Red Ronin into battle with Godzilla, in an attempt to drive the beast off. Rob wished to prevent the monster from being harmed, and his attempts to ward the monster off were carefully executed in order to keep it safe, ultimately succeeding in doing so. It was later discovered that Ronin had been imprinted with Rob's brain patterns, making the robot unusable unless piloted by him. Rob utilized Red Ronin in a few more instances after this, aiding Godzilla in battles against creatures such as Yetrigar and the Mega-Monsters (Triax, Rhiahn, and Krollar). During the second battle, Rhiahn managed to decapitate Red Ronin with the Anterior Bio-Blade on its tail, rendering it inactive.

The Avengers

"Prelude of the War-Devil"

S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually began to rebuild the mech, with the aid of Stark technicians. This rebuilding process was later completed in The Avengers #197, and Red Ronin went on to have numerous other appearances.

JLA/Avengers #4

When an entity called Krona's quest to discover the secrets of a universe's creation lead to the heroes from Marvel Comics and DC Comics joining forces to defeat him, Red Ronin was one of the entities that stormed Krona's stronghold in between their respective dimensions. It is unknown who, if anyone, piloted the mecha during this encounter, as he is only present for one panel, and in said panel, only his knee is shown.

Marvels Snapshots: Avengers

"Heart Rate"

Set during Red Ronin's rampage during Avengers #197-199, "Heart Rate" recounts the events of that day from the perspective of an off-duty paramedic. Red Ronin is not directly seen, nor is he mentioned by name, but one of his legs, one of his arms, and the back of his helmet can be seen. He begins his rampage in the area of Brooklyn and Queens before heading north toward Manhattan.




Red Ronin is capable of flight at subsonic speeds, due to atomic propulsion units installed in its legs.[1]

Running speed

Red Ronin can run immensely fast, reaching speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, or about 72.42 kilometers per hour.[1]


Solar Blade

Red Ronin is armed with a magnetic, field-guided, hydrogen fusion blade called the Solar Blade, which is stored on its shield.[1]

Power Blaster

Red Ronin's left hand gauntlet can be converted into a short-pulse electron beam projecter, known simply as the Power Blaster.[1]

Gatling Laser Device

Mounted on its shield, Red Ronin is armed with a high-powered ultraviolet Gatling laser gun, simply referred to as the Gatling Laser Device.[1] The Gatling Laser Device can also generate great heat, be used as a cutting device, and fire blasts of concussive force.


Although never utilized in the comics themselves, the cover art for issue #8 of Godzilla shows Red Ronin seemingly charging its left fist with some type of energy.

Physical abilities


Red Ronin's outer shell is composed of stainless steel,[1] and is highly durable, able to shrug off temperature extremes, high falls, powerful impacts, and even a blast from Godzilla's atomic breath.


Red Ronin possesses immense strength, with a lift capacity of 30 tons, or 7 tons at its arms' length.[1]

Guidance system

Red Ronin's guidance system is mechanical gyroscopic, with the LORAN C navigation satellite.[1]

Performance capacity

Red Ronin's practical performance capacity is electromechanical, with computer aided proportionately scaled-up human reflexes.[1]

Defensive capabilities


Red Ronin's Gatling Laser Device is detachable, and can function as a rotary homing device.[1]

Magnetic Defense Fields

Located in its shoulder, Red Ronin is equipped with a Magnetic Defense Field Generator which is, as its name implies, capable of creating Magnetic Defense Fields.[1]

Magneclamp Cables

Red Ronin can release Magnaclamp Cables from its boot units, which are strong enough to hold and support a being as massive as Godzilla himself.



This is a list of references for Red Ronin. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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