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Jyarumu in Godzilla: Trading Battle
Subtitle(s) Giant One-Horned Demon Beast
(一角大魔獣,   Ikkaku Daimajū)
First appearance Godzilla: Trading Battle

Jyarumu (ジャルム,   Jarumu) is a kaiju that appeared in the 1998 video game, Godzilla: Trading Battle.


Jyarumu looks like a dinosaur, and has two strong forelegs with two gliding wings attached to them and two smaller hind legs. It also has a knife-like protrusion on its head, a spike on its back, and a small tail fin.


Jyarumu was either dead or in suspended animation in Siberia, but the ice it was caught in melted due to global warming and the creature was resurrected.


Jyaramu can fly instead of just glide, as it appears to not have any flight-capable wings. The creature also releases a toxic freezing gas when agitated. Jyarumu has brutal melee capabilities, utilizing his massive horn and brute strength to topple down opponents.

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this monster needs more attention poor thing