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Geboras in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera
Subtitle(s) Seaweed Monster
(海草怪獣,   Kaisō Kaijū)
Species Living Kelp
Enemies Gamera
First appearance Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

Geboras (ゲボラス,   Geborasu) is a kelp kaiju that first appeared in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera, which was written and illustrated by Hurricane Ryu Hariken in February 1995.


Geboras is comprised of floating fronds of kelp, with large glassy eyes and a mouth filled with sharp knife-like teeth.


Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

Geboras was a sea monster of unknown origin who appeared in the ocean while Gamera was travelling through it. The bizarre plant creature offered little resistance and was little challenge to Gamera, who quickly killed Geboras by consuming it.



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