Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

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Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera
Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera
Author Kenichiro Terasawa
Publish Date February 1995
Genre Tokusatsu

Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera (大怪獣ガメラ,   Daikaijū Gamera, lit. Giant Monster Gamera) was a 1995 shonen manga.


The novel was written by Kenichiro Terasawa and was illustrated by Hurricane Ryu Hariken. It was released on February of 1995.


Gamera fights Gyaos while other monsters make appearances.




  • This manga was illustrated by Hurricane Ryu Hariken, a suit actor for many Toho monsters during the Heisei series.
  • This manga features several new monsters based on unmade Gamera monsters and designs, including Marukobukarappa, and Garasharp.
  • The manga includes a giant-sized version of the Pairans; benevolent starfish-shaped aliens, from the 1956 Daiei film Warning from Space.
  • Despite its name, Powered Gyaos is actually a multi-headed, Chimera-like combination of all of Gamera's foes, from the original Showa era film series.

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