Godzilla (IDW comic) #9

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Godzilla (IDW)
Issue #8
Issue #9
Issue #10
"The Night the Giant
Monsters Came Home!"
Cover A of issue #9 by Bob Eggleton
Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Simon Gane
Colors by Ronda Pattison
Letters by Chris Mowry
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Creative Consultant Chris Mowry
Sales 7,194[1]
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"The Night the Giant Monsters Came Home!" is the ninth issue of IDW Publishing's Godzilla. It was published on January 23, 2013.


The end is NIGH! Space Godzilla and other interstellar enemies arrive on Earth and they're here to stay? and destroy humanity! Boxer, with his team decimated, realizes just how over his head he is. There's only one possible ally he can turn to... his greatest enemy, Godzilla!


Boxer, Harrison and Hikari are in the ruins of Vancouver trying to convince an old man to drive them to the energy box that contains Godzilla. Boxer explains to the man that the world's fate depends on them setting Godzilla free to fight the alien monsters ravaging the Earth's cities. After much deliberation, the old man, named Mr. Nussbaum, drives them toward Godzilla. Meanwhile Dr. Pohl is excited that Godzilla has been successfully captured. It appears that one of the modulated energy panels in the containment field begins losing power, and eventually the whole box dissipates: Godzilla is now free. Godzilla retreats to the sea with Boxer following close behind, shouting at it to 'face [him] like a man,' to no response from Godzilla. Boxer returns back to Hikari who tells him that Harrison had left to do something, and then tells Boxer there was something else they needed to attend to. Hikari explained that there was a monster arms race in the making, with world powers trying to find a way to control monsters and use them as weapons to achieve global domination. Boxer asked Hikari if she knew the location of the island where all the monsters he captured were being held. She did not know but led Boxer to Dr. Pohl, who she thought might know.



Weapons, vehicles, and races




Concept art




  • Matt Frank’s original cover art for this issue includes Megaguirus, who was originally set to appear amongst the space monsters before being replaced by Monster X.
  • Cable news channels CNN and Fox News are mentioned in this issue—the first direct reference to them in any official Godzilla media (Marc Cerasini's 1998 novel Godzilla at World's End previously referenced the "Fair & Balanced" slogan of the latter, but in the context of a fictional network's reporting).

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