Godzilla (IDW comic) #8

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Godzilla (IDW)
Issue #7
Issue #8
Issue #9
"Somewhere, Somehow,
Something is Going to Pay"
Cover A of issue #8 by E.J. Su
Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Simon Gane
Colors by Ronda Pattison
Letters by Chris Mowry
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Creative Consultant Chris Mowry
Sales 7,623[1]
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"Somewhere, Somehow, Something is Going to Pay" is the eighth issue of IDW Publishing's Godzilla. It was published on January 9, 2013.


Boxer is cornered by the government and Godzilla is a giant sized X-factor, wrecking everyone's plans. Sides are switched, lives are lost...and then the unthinkable happens. The devastating third act of this Godzilla epic begins now!


Boxer, Harrison and Claire were trying to run away from Godzilla down in the smoke-filled ground in Vancouver after their plan failed. There was very little visibility, but after a bit saw Godzilla heading toward them and decided to split up. Boxer witnessed the helicopter that had caused Urv to needlessly die apparently leading Godzilla toward a specific location. Godzilla was fast approaching, so Boxer chose to stay close to Harrison as Godzilla stomped around. Asuka Hikari, seeing that there was a clear attempt at killing the people at the ground with Godzilla, decided what was going on was wrong and tried to stop Godzilla from being taken to the "staging area." However Dr. Pohl explained it was too late to stop. After the cloud of smoke cleared up, Boxer asked Harrison if he was okay, but he could not speak after so many years of not speaking. Boxer then looked for Claire but could not find her. Meanwhile Godzilla was lured to a location where he was trapped inside of a modulated energy panels Dr. Pohl asked for Godzilla to be prepared for transportation.

Hours later, Boxer took Harrison to the remains of a hospital to try to revitalize his son with fluids. Just then, Asuka appeared, apologized and explained everything that was going on to Boxer. Godzilla had been captured inside a box of modulated panels of energy, made of experimental black hole energy, and that he did not have to hunt monsters any longer. However, just them, some purple lightning-like energy appeared at the roof of the ruined hospital. At the United Nations headquarters, reporters were interrogating the Shobijin about the four monsters that had just invaded the Earth: Gigan in Hong Kong, SpaceGodzilla in London, Hedorah in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and Monster X in New York City, where Mothra had also appeared to fight it.

Back in Vancouver, Boxer said that Claire had been right about "being on the wrong team" and realized that the monsters had appeared to protect the Earth from the alien monsters as Mothra was doing in New York. Boxer said they needed to break Godzilla out of the energy box for the sake of the planet.



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  • This issue marks Monster X's first appearance in any American comic.

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