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Godzilla: The Series
Issue #36
Issue #37
Fox Kids Magazine #37
The cover of the issue
Letters by Draxhall Jump Studios
Edits by Scott Russell
Sales None; free subscriber exclusive
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FOX Kids
FOX Kids Magazine

"Ice Cold Winter" is a comic based on Godzilla: The Series. It debuted in issue #37 of FOX Kids Magazine in the winter of 1999.


On November 9, 1999, Godzilla swims deftly through the waters near Newfoundland, Canada in response to a signal being emitted through the water. When he arrives, he discovers that Cameron Winter is waiting there for him. Winter orders Godzilla to be fired upon, and when he is, he becomes encased in a block of ice. Winter then hooks up the ice to a net and begins to tow Godzilla away before the Heat-Seeker intervenes. Niko Tatopoulos shouts to Winter that he cannot kidnap Godzilla, but Cameron informs him that he has the salvage rights to anything in those waters. He then reveals that he intends to clone Godzilla into an army of mutant soldiers. During this exchange, Randy Hernandez reprograms N.I.G.E.L. to overheat near Godzilla's frozen head, allowing him to awaken and use his atomic breath to break through the ice and destroy the ship pulling him away. Monique Dupre then arrives on deck, only to find that she is too late to save Godzilla, as he has already freed himself.



Weapons, vehicles, and races



  • Newfoundland, Canada





  • If the date given for the events of this comic is meant to correlate with the show's airdates, it would occur between "Protector" and "Freak Show".


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