Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths #2

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Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
"The Wronged Man"
Cover A of issue #2 by James Stokoe
Written by John Layman
Art by Alberto Ponticelli
Colors by Jay Fotos
Letters by John Layman
Edits by Bobby Curnow, Chris Ryall
Creative Consultant Chris Mowry
Sales 12,018 copies[1]
Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths

"The Wronged Man" is the second issue of Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths. It was released on July 13, 2011.


Detective Makoto Sato returns from Monster Island and he's brought some unusual new friends. Heading straight to the corrupt Chief of Police, Sato makes it clear he'll bring justice to the streets of Tokyo no matter what. To prove his point, Sato decides to show off his new partner...MOTHRA! But Sato might be biting off more than he can chew...after all, there's more than one monster in town!


Makoto Sato is in Tokyo with the Elias at hand, summoning Mothra to help bring the kingpin gangster Ryota Takahashi to justice, clear his name and protect his sons.

Twelve hours earlier, Sato returned to Japan and tries to hide from the police, but quickly gives up on it and heads to the police station. Everyone immediately holds up guns to him and he gets arrested. Soon after he gets put behind bars, the Police Chief Nakamura comes to talk with Sato. Nakamura believes Sato killed his partner and says there are witnesses, but Sato knows that those "witnesses" are nothing more than stooges, and that Nakamura is a stooge as well. Sato drew the conclusion that Chief Nakamura was under Takahashi's payroll since the Chief was the only one that knew where he was heading the night where he disappeared.

Yesterday, Sato and Nakamura were arguing, Nakamura claiming that Sato was "harassing" Takahashi, who was under the guise of being a legitimate businessman. Sato believes that the new night club that Takahashi is opening is going to be another front for his crime organizations, and that he'll soon have the evidence he needs to arrest Takahashi. Nakamura dictates to Takahashi that he and his partner are going to be on desk duty until he says otherwise, which Sato refuses and leaves. Once Sato is gone, Nakamura calls Takahashi and tells him where Sato is going.

In the present, Nakamura tells Sato that no one will believe him, and that any judge he gets sent to in court will also be on Takahashi's payroll. Sato tells Nakamura that he gave him a chance, which Nakamura scoffs at. Just then, the jail cell with Sato is destroyed, and Mothra is seen flying off. Sato is on the street again, Mothra flying above him, and he retrieves a gun he had stashed prior to entering the police station. After that, he rents a room in a discrete hotel.

Sato tries to convince the Elias to keep helping him, as otherwise Takahashi will continue to be a free man killing many innocent people and the police will remain corrupt. The Elias tell him that they cannot keep helping him as they've done enough already and that his problems aren't the biggest and most important in the world. Sato intimidates them with a gun aimed at them and gets them to explain his plan to Mothra in the present.

It's the grand opening of Takahashi's night club, and Takahashi is pulled to the side. A henchman tells Takahashi that Nakamura has to tell him something, to which Takahashi says he can wait. Takahashi goes on to talk with someone who owes him money at the night club, a man named Yamane. Takahashi, being told Yamane doesn't have all of the money he owes him, tells him that he will have his left ear and a thumb cut off and that he has 24 hours to come up with the rest of the money. Just then, Kou and Oshii, two of Takahashi's henchmen who were sent to kill Sato, come back from Monster Island alive. They tell Takahashi what happened there. Right then, Mothra flies over to the night club and destroys it with a gust of air. Sato then calls Takahashi, and tells him that he will bring his empire down.



Weapons, vehicles, and races


  • Makoto Sato
  • Chief Nakamura
  • Ryota Takahashi
  • Kou
  • Oshii
  • Yamane






  • On page 11, panel 2 of this issue, Chief Nakamura is erroneously called "Nakamuru": "He retrieved the gun he stashed prior to his meet with Nakamuru."[2]

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