Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #17

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #16
Issue #17
Issue #18
"Space and Time"
Cover A of issue #17 by Jeff Zornow
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Jeff Zornow, Matt Frank (pg. 4)
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 7,167[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Space and Time" is the seventeenth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on October 22, 2014.


Government experiments with new forms of energy bring unintended consequences...in the form of SpaceGodzilla! Before he returns to Earth, he'll have to do battle with an unexpected foe! Meanwhile, Godzilla has his hands full with a monster he's never fought before!


As Godzilla and Anguirus depart the ruined Dyachenko Offensive Robotics and Technologies Facility in Russia, Lucy Casprell and Chavez notice a pair of Mechagodzillas following Mecha-King Ghidorah into space alongside a Cryog ship. The Spetsnaz soldiers that found the CKR team escort representatives from various countries, including US Senator Payne, as the leader states that the monsters are heading north and that Chavez's team will be allowed to leave after they figure out what's going on. However, they have no idea who the twins Minette and Mallory as they bring back their unconscious bodies from the facility. Chavez tells the leader that he's seen them before and warns him about the Cryogs and the ship they saw alongside the Mechagodzillas, explaining that they can change their appearances at will. When the Spetsnaz leader gets suspicious, Chavez tells him that he can vouch for his team as they're all clean aside from the representatives. When Lucy joins the twins' hands together, she is struck with a terrifying psychic vision involved a Cryog fleet, Godzilla, King Caesar, twin Mothra Larvae, a pair of mysterious bladed arms, and a completely destroyed city. The vision causes Lucy to faint into Chavez's arms as the Spetsnaz leader aims a pistol at her, telling the CKR soldier to move away as she could be a Cryog in disguise. Chavez tells him to back off and stands in the soldier's way, but the standoff is resolved with the arrival of Kiryu. Meanwhile, an exhausted Godzilla and Anguirus return to the sea. A CKR operative reports that the monsters are splitting up, the Russians have held back on engaging them as per the CKR's request, and Godzilla is slowing down. Steven Woods notes that Godzilla's tiring and orders for any subs in the area to clear out. When he asks when his team will be extracted, with the operative replying that they'll take off in a few minutes. The operative asks if Woods is returning to the CKR, to which the soldier confirms, stating that things will "never let him leave again".

Two weeks later, on a Cryog warship orbiting the Earth's Moon, laments the fact that they only salvaged two Mechagodzillas before asking where Mecha-King Ghidorah went. The twins were expendable to him, but the monster had the upper hand. One of his underlings tells him that the dragon fled past the Solar System. Rhizon suggests calling upon another of its kind, to which his underling states that it went through an anomaly before vanishing and that there was one more kaiju in the area. Rhizon orders for a scout to survey it before his underling states that it's heading towards them instead. Rhizon orders for the launch of the Mechagodzilla units despite protests that they aren't suited for space environments. The Mechagodzillas are launched, only to be frozen solid in the vacuum of space. The underling tells Rhizon that he was right about them not being suited for space, only to be slapped by the commander. Another underling reports incoming projectiles, which are revealed to be crystals from SpaceGodzilla as he approaches their position. The space monster destroys one Mechagodzilla by impaling it with its tail spikes before being hit in the back of the neck by the other unit's Space Beams. SpaceGodzilla retaliates with his Corona Beam, destroying the remaining Mechagodzilla. With both Mechagodzillas destroyed, Rhizon orders to fire the ship's guns on SpaceGodzilla. However, they have no effect on the space monster and Rhizon's underling asks if they should evacuate. Rhizon states that SpaceGodzilla will not take the ship away from him and that they'll evacuate when he says so. The underling suggests sending a distress signal to the fleet, to which the Cryog leader angrily delines. As a last resort, the commander orders Gigan into the battle. The cyborg fires his laser at SpaceGodzilla, only for the attack to be blocked by Photon Reactive Shield. Gigan throws SpaceGodzilla off balance with his grappling hooks, grappling his rival by the tail. However, SpaceGodzilla uses his telekenesis to immobilize Gigan before encasing the cyborg in crystals. As the space monster resumes attacking the ship, Gigan breaks free as several crystals start plummeting through the Earth's atmosphere and land near Godzilla in the South Atlantic Ocean. Godzilla investigates only to be attacked by Ebirah, who swipes at his face with its pincer before trying to retreat. However, Godzilla catches up and grabs Ebirah as they leap out of the water. Godzilla blasts Ebirah with his atomic breath before being momentarily distracted by a pair of crystals falling into the ocean. Godzilla turns his attention back to Ebirah as he bites into his pincer.

Meanwhile, Gigan uses his buzzsaw to slice into SpaceGodzilla's chest as the space monster uses energy from his crystals to cause the Cryog ship to lose power. An underling tells Rhizon that they need to evacuate but the commander orders him to fire on SpaceGodzilla. The underling tells him that the ship will be torn apart and that they'll die, with Rhizon telling him to "wait for us on the other side" as he restrains the subordinate and pulls him away from the distress signal button. Gigan slices off a piece of his right shoulder crystal, but is blasted by his rival's Corona Beam. Rhizon snaps his subordinate's neck, only for his body to fall on the distress signal button. Rhizon orders for any damage to the ship to be fixed before he asks where Gigan and SpaceGodzilla are. Another underling reports that the hull is breached, but they're stable, and that the two monsters are fighting away from the ship. When asked if they should flee from the fight, a horrified Rhizon sees that the distress signal has been broadcasted and says that "there's nowhere to hide anymore." Meanwhile, SpaceGodzilla traps one of Gigan's arms in his crystals as he shifts into his flying form, forcing the cyborg to sever his own arm while the space monster SpaceGodzilla heads for Earth. Meanwhile, Lucy, Kristina Sumres, and Jason Ford arrive in São Paulo, Brazil. After Kristina complains about the humidity, Lucy goes into a trance before her friends snap her out of it. Jason asks if she's okay as she slept through the whole journey to São Paulo and she's been "out of it" for a few days. Lucy tells him that she's been having some weird feelings, but she can't really explain it. Jason tells her that she just hasn't had any down time as they hadn't had a break in weeks. Kristina suggests cooling off before they head into the rainforest, to which Lucy agrees, only for Jason to point out that the eggs they were sent to investigate were actually brought into the city. Once they enter the town, Jason tries to talk to the locals as Lucy and Kristina study the eggs up close. The locals tell Jason about the crystals that fell from the sky into the water before he asks about the eggs. The local explains that they were found in a mining site in the rainforest when all hell breaks loose: Godzilla and Ebirah burst out of the harbor, Lucy is wracked with pain as Minette and Mallory deliver another psychic vision, and Meganulon start to hatch from the eggs.



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  • The arms of a Trilopod appear in Lucy's first vision in this issue. The Trilopods are not revealed in full until issue #19.
  • This issue is the first Godzilla story to acknowledge the existence of a Ghidorah species, with Rhizon speculating that Mecha-King Ghidorah left the Solar System to "call on another of its kind." King Ghidorah, bearing the character's Showa design, would appear via flashback in issue #24. According to Matt Frank, the intended implication was that this was a separate King Ghidorah.[2]

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